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绵阳市中心医院人流青白江区妇女医院能用医保卡吗Yes, your head does look big in that. Not that this squirrel minded a bit, he was busy chomping away at the peanuts and peanut butter stored inside this unusually shaped feeder.没错儿,你带着那个头罩确实看起来头很大。这只松鼠可一点都不介意,它正忙着吧唧吧唧地吃它的花生和花生酱呢,这些东西就储存在这个形状怪异的喂食器里。John Horne, who runs a nature reserve in Southampton, installed the feeder for the resident squirrels, sat back, and waited for the laughs.John Horne在南安普顿经营管理着一个自然保护区,他给里面住着的松鼠安装了这种喂食器,然后就等着松鼠们给他带来欢乐。Sure enough, a curious squirrel soon braved the hollowed out vinyl head to find the feast inside, giving John and his wife Alison the giggles as they watched his antics.很快一只好奇的松鼠就勇敢地把头伸进了这个塑料头罩里来,想要在里面找吃的。John和他的妻子Alison一边看着松鼠滑稽的动作,一边吃吃笑着。Before long the feeder had three regular visitors who were only too happy to accept the treats inside - while proving a source of amusement for John and Alison.不久,三只松鼠就开始频频光临这个喂食器,他们非常乐意地接受给他们准备的美食,也给John和Alison带去了一丝欢乐。John, 67, from Southampton, said: ;The squirrel was a bit wary of the feeder at first, but he soon realised there were peanuts inside and began poking his head in to get them.#39;来自南安普顿约翰今年67岁,他说:“一开始松鼠对喂食器有点警觉,不过很快他就发现里面放着花生,于是它就开始探头进去找花生吃。”#39;It was really funny and looked very unusual to see a squirrel eating nuts from inside the huge head.“看着松鼠在这么大的头罩里面找坚果吃,这真的很好玩。”#39;This novel feeder seems to make it much easier for the squirrels to access the peanuts. A pair of robins had tried to get to the peanuts but they couldn#39;t manage to.#39;“这个新奇的喂食器让松鼠吃花生变得更加方便了。还有一些知更鸟也想吃这里的花生,不过它们可就吃不上了。”The Southampton-based nature reserve is of national importance as it is home to a very rare colony of lesser glow-worms.南安普顿的这个自然保护区是英国一个十分重要的保护区,很多稀有的虫类就聚居此处。 /201302/226407四川省成都市六院妇科挂号 成华区输卵管再通术哪家医院最好的

龙泉驿区中医医院妇科专家大夫China#39;s scandal-tainted dairy industry took another step toward consolidation on Wednesday when its largest milk producer raised bought a bigger stake in the country#39;s biggest dairy farming company.丑闻不断的中国乳制品行业周三进一步走向合并:中国最大的乳制品制造商收购了中国最大牧业公司的更多股份。Milk producer China Mengniu Dairy Co., involved in a 2008 melamine scandal, said it had increased its stake in China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd. from 1% to 28%. It did so to #39;secure both quality and quantity of raw milk sources,#39; Mengniu Chief Executive Sun Yiping said.中国蒙牛乳业有限公司(China Mengniu Dairy Co.,简称:蒙牛乳业)说,该公司已经把持有的中国现代牧业控股有限公司(China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd.,简称:现代牧业)的股份从1%增加到了28%。蒙牛乳业的首席执行长孙伊萍说,这样做的目的既是保生牛乳原料的质量,也是为了保数量。蒙牛乳业曾卷入2008年的三聚氰胺丑闻。China#39;s dairy industry, which has seen multiple scandals in recent years, still relies on networks of small farmers, and analysts say consolidation would improve oversight. Even as China#39;s biggest dairy farmer, for example, Modern Dairy#39;s total output accounts for only a fraction of Mengniu#39;s demand. In 2011, it sold 97.5% of its raw milk to Mengniu--less than 7% of Mengniu#39;s needs.最近几年丑闻不断的中国乳制品行业目前仍然依赖小奶农网络,分析人士说,企业间的合并将有助于监管。即使作为中国最大的牧业公司,现代牧业的总产出也仅占蒙牛乳业需求的一小部分。2011年,现代牧业把生产的97.5%的生乳卖给了蒙牛乳业,但这还不到蒙牛乳业需求的7%。In 2008, Mengniu was the most prominent company whose baby formula was discovered to have contained the chemical melamine. In all, six infants died and another 300,000 got sick, prompting the government to seek to overhaul the industry by pushing companies to consolidate.2008年,蒙牛乳业的婴儿配方奶粉被发现含有化学品三聚氰胺,并因此成为关注的焦点。含有三聚氰胺的奶粉共造成六名婴儿死亡,30万婴儿患病,这促使中国政府寻求通过推动企业合并来整顿乳制品行业。Mengniu once again found itself thrust into an unflattering spotlight in 2011, when officials found excess levels of the chemical aflatoxin, a carcinogen, in its milk. The company has made steps to regain trust from consumers. In the aftermath of the 2008 scandal, for example, it set up consumer hot lines and offered apologies to customers.2011年,蒙牛乳业再一次成为不光的关注焦点,有关部门在蒙牛乳业的牛奶里发现了过量的致癌化学物质黄曲霉毒素。蒙牛乳业已经采取一些措施重新赢得消费者的信任。例如,2008年的三聚氰胺丑闻发生后,蒙牛乳业设立了热线,并主动向消费者道歉。Mengniu bought its initial stake in Modern Dairy last year in a move that was expected to help it increase control over the quality of its raw materials. The two companies have a close relationship. Modern Dairy#39;s chairman, Deng Jiuqiang, was a co-founder and former vice president of Mengniu.蒙牛乳业去年首次收购了现代牧业的股份,希望此举能够帮助公司加强对原料质量的控制。蒙牛乳业和现代牧业关系密切。现代牧业的董事长邓九强是蒙牛乳业的联合创始人和前副总裁。In another move expected to help improve the quality of Mengniu#39;s products, Denmark#39;s Arla Foods bought a 6% stake in the company in June, making it Mengniu#39;s second-largest shareholder.丹麦的爱氏晨曦(Arla Foods)去年6月收购了蒙牛乳业6%的股份,成为蒙牛乳业的第二大股东,外界当时预计,此举有助于改善蒙牛乳业的产品质量。 /201305/239271四川省成都市看妇科多少钱 A Japanese woman has undergone a startling physical transformation that has so far involved more than 30 cosmetic procedures at a cost of 10 million yen or 2,000.据英国《每日邮报》5月4日报道,一名日本女模花费1000万日元(10.2万美元),历经30余次整形手术,完成了惊艳“变身”。The lady, a model known as Vanilla Chamu, has said she intends to keep having surgeries until she has achieved her lifelong goal – to look like a French doll.该模特名叫瓦尼拉·沙米,以看起来像法国洋娃娃为人生目标,为此,她打算不断整形达成愿望。Photos of Vanilla prior to her first procedures reveal a rather mousy Japanese teenager whose facial features are virtually unrecognizable from the bizarre and undoubtedly more ‘western-looking’ appearance that she now possesses.手术前,瓦尼拉的照片看起来是个很不起眼的少女,术后摇身一变,拥有了光鲜亮丽的“西式”相貌,完全判若两人。Certain plastic surgery treatments, including double-eyelid surgery and nose jobs, are increasingly popular amongst Asian woman wishing to look more western.对渴望看起来更“洋气”的亚洲女性来说,双眼皮手术、鼻子整形手术等整容治疗越来越受青睐。Vanilla has unquestionably had those treatments, but her long list of procedures also includes liposuction, eyelash implants, dimple creation, and breast implants, reports BuzzFeed.美国社交新闻网BuzzFeed报道称,上述手术瓦尼拉均做过,除此之外,她的一长串手术单还包括抽脂手术、睫毛植入、酒窝成型以及隆胸。Still her current look isn’t enough for Vanilla in her quest to become a ‘perfect living French doll’.但尽管如此,她目前的相貌与“完美的法国洋娃娃”目标尚有距离。She has recently had even larger breast implants fitted and her next procedure promises to be her most extreme yet as she plans to undergo height lengthening surgery.为更接近愿望,最近她接受了进一步的隆胸手术。她下一步计划进行增高手术,这将是所有整形手术中最极端的一项。Vanilla underwent her first plastic surgery when she was 19 years old and keeps her current age a well-guarded secret.瓦尼拉接受第一次整形手术时不足20岁,目前她对自己的年龄守口如瓶。She has become something of a cause célèbre in her native land, making countless television appearances and launching a pop career.Her unusual appearance undoubtedly makes her guaranteed to stand out in any crowd, but she does possess a very unusual view of what a french doll should look like.在日本,她已然成了轰动一时的人物,出现在各种电视节目上。独具一格的面容足以让她在任何场合都与众不同。A French doll can also be known as a porcelain doll, bisque doll or china doll and means a doll partially or wholly out of bisque porcelain.Traditionally they are characterized by their realistic, skin-like matte finish and were at the peak of their popularity between 1860 and 1900. Such dolls are now highly collectible and worth thousands of US dollars.法国洋娃娃也称“瓷娃娃”,部分或者全部由素瓷制成。通常,瓷娃娃外表光滑,栩栩如生,在1860年到1900年很流行。现在则具有非常高的收藏价值,价值可达数万美元。With her inflated pout and fake breasts, Vanilla certainly doesn#39;t resemble a classic children#39;s toy, but she is undoubtedly her own creation.当然,有着隆过的嘴唇和胸部的瓦尼拉并不像经典的儿童玩具,但她毫无疑问是独一无二的。 /201305/238391四川省第五医院是医保定点医院吗

达州市检查妇科病多少钱你和老外闹过笑话或者误会吗?中西文化差异会造成两方人对某些事情的态度和做法的不同。加强沟通,理解万岁。为了让你和老外轻松相处,我们总结出经常发生的10种误会及其解决方法。 Top 10 赞美 西方人乐于赞美别人,同时也乐于接受别人的赞美。而中国人为了显示谦恭,常常会“拒绝”他人的赞美。这种“拒绝”会让老外觉得莫明其妙,好像你不领他的情似的。 还有,中国人出于礼貌,或者想跟人套近乎,总是愿意说些关心人的话。为了献殷勤,我们常喜欢对客人说;You must be tired? Have a good rest.;。然而,普通的问候之语却有可能让西方人误解为你对她的身体状况表示担忧。他们很喜欢别人夸他们年轻、强壮,如果你质疑他们的身体健康,他们甚至会发怒的。 Top 9 致谢 中国人认为对家里人或者好朋友的帮助是one#39;s own obligation, no need to thank or be thanked,彼此根本不必说谢谢,说了反而显得关系生分。而老外对家人或者朋友的帮忙都习惯说谢谢,他们期待polite expression_rs like ;please;, ;thank you;, etc.。所以,和老外相处,千万不要吝啬“谢谢”两个字。“谢”少了只会让老外觉得你羞涩且不懂礼貌。 Top 8 出游 中国人结伴出游的时候,如果买什么东西,花钱的那个人一般都会先统计有几个人,然后按照人头购买东西,即便有人之前客气地说不要,中国人还是会给他买上一份。When a Chinese offers refreshments or drinks to his colleague, his colleague often declines the offer politely, because he doesn#39;t want to trouble the person who offers and it also shows his politeness. Normally the person who offers still prepares or buys refreshments or drinks, and this will be expected by his colleague. Sharing food and drink when going out together is common among colleagues and friends。 然而和老外结伴出游,如果你客气地推说不需要某样东西,那么对方真的就不会给你买。他们觉得不给你买是尊重你的决定。Respect one#39;s own decision, ;yes; means one wants it, ;no; means one doesn#39;t, politeness is usually shown by the expression_r #39;thank you#39; or ;please;。所以,想要什么东西,就直接说出来吧,事后真诚地说声谢谢才是他们眼中的礼貌做法。 Top 7 称呼 当外国人听到中国人称呼他们为“老外”的时候,他们心里是不高兴的,因为他们觉得自己并不老,且很健康。他们dislike being labelled as ;old;, being young valued above being old。 而当他们听到中国人管外国小孩也叫“老外”的时候,他们才明白“老”其实是对某个人的尊称,比如老张,老王。;Lao; is a commonly used term by Chinese people to address someone who is older than the speaker to show his politeness, respect and closeness. The term does not necessarily mean old age. ;Lao Wai; is a colloquial term of address for foreigners。 Top 6 送别 中国人表达情感的方式相对内敛。送别的时候,他们强忍泪水,吝于拥抱,种种“冷淡”表现让老外深感诧异。所以,如果你和老外送别,举止不妨洒脱奔放一些,可别让他们觉得你是“冷血动物”。 Like everyone else we are affectionate to our friends and relatives, but perhaps we show our affection in public less than other peoples. Maybe the whole family as well as some friends will go to the railway station or the airport to see a person off, no matter whether he/she goes abroad to study or to another province for work. This may well strike many Westerners as very moving, yet they might be puzzled when they see that nobody will hug or kiss when the time comes for saying goodbye. Friends may shake hands with the person who is leaving and parents may hold his/her hand for a long time with tears in their eyes, but with no other physical contact. In fact hugging and kissing are seldom seen in public in China, no matter what the occasion is。 Top 5 鼓掌 当众发言的时候,如果别人给自己鼓掌,为了表达谢意,中国人通常都会暂停发言,而后随着听众一起鼓掌。 In this way he expresses his thanks to the audience. 可是老外就不理解为何要自己给自己鼓掌。自己给自己鼓掌,多不谦虚啊。Of course, when a Chinese speaker claps his hands as the audience is applauding, he is not applauding himself, but expressing his thanks to his audience. As noted earlier, Westerners feel puzzled when watching such a scene, since they think the speaker or the performer is applauding himself.所以,以后老外在场,发言的人不妨用鞠躬或者挥手代替鼓掌。当然,微笑站立也是一种选择。 Top 4 眼神 许多中国人在和别人说话,或者当众发言的时候,羞于和听众进行眼神的交流。Some of them, perhaps because of nervousness, like to bury their nose in their manuscript to their speech all the time. 这种做法其实是不礼貌的。 与人交流的时候,老外expects eye contact, though this does not have to be constant. 当众发言的时候,老外look at his audience now and then. 他们是不会把脑袋埋在稿子里面说话的。 Speaking in public is also a kind of two-way communication, which needs eye contact from both sides. The speaker will certainly feel embarrassed when he sees that his audience do not look at him. But if he doesn#39;t look at his audience now and then, his audience also has the right not to listen to what he is saying. 如果你发言的时候没有勇气看听众,那么你也无权要求你的听众会和你形成良好的互动。 Top 3 送礼 中国人送礼喜欢成双,比如说两瓶酒,两条烟。一是为了显示自己不是小气人,二是为了讨个吉利数字。去朋友或者亲戚家做客,拎点水果是非常普遍的情况。但是,在西方,人们送酒的时候都是只送一瓶。One is quite enough, two are of course welcome but unusual and not expected. 因为他们吃饭的时候要喝客人带来的酒,如果客人拿了两瓶,似乎表明客人是个酒鬼,主人恐怕一瓶酒不够喝。去朋友家做客一般也不送水果。水果一般是作为看望病人时候的礼物。看完此文,希望大家能避开误解的雷区,沟通无极限,交友无国界。而且,中国人接到别人的礼物,为了显示自己不是个贪财之人,习惯于把礼物悄悄放在一旁,然后等客人离开后再拆开包装;而老外则希望你当着他的面打开礼物,并对他的礼物赞美一番。 In the West , it is regarded as polite to open gifts as soon as they are given to express appreciation. In China, the situation is quite the reverse. Normally we Chinese feel that if you open the gift as soon as it is given, you might embarrass the person who gives the gift and you might be thought greedy. So Chinese people tend to open the gifts after the visitors have left. What is more, many people send gifts without wrapping them, and if they wrap them, they usually tell the receiver what is inside, and the receiver will thank the sender and put the gift aside without unwrapping them since they aly know what is inside. However, when we receive gifts from an English native speaker, in order to avoid misunderstanding, we may follow their custom by opening the gifts in front of him or her and express our appreciation。 Top 2 做客 中国人去别人家串门的时候都喜欢随处逛,到处看。可老外是怎么看待这些行为的呢?;I#39;m often taken aback by the way visitors come round to my flat and seem to feel free to take the place over, putting on the telly, pulling down books from my shelves, even peering at letters I#39;ve left lying around on the desk.; 虽说让客人感到宾至如归是好的待客之道,但老外还是忌讳你在做客的时候在他家里东逛西逛,甚至偷窥他的隐私。同样的,涉及到薪资、年龄等隐私问题我们也不要张口就问。 Top 1 吃饭 “人是铁,饭是钢。一顿不吃饿得慌。”我们和老外的交往许多时候都发生在饭桌上。中国人请老外去家里吃饭,可能会准备8-10道菜。你最好让老外有个心理准备,要么他们很可能根本没有肚子去吃后面的菜了。他们可能会觉得中国人hospitable, if anything too hospitable。 如果你去老外家吃饭,也许桌上仅仅就准备了一道菜!而且他们也喜欢说;The dishes are quite good; these dishes are quite famous;,绝对不像中国人喜欢说:“准备不周,凑合吃点吧。” 还有,中国人为了显示热情,喜欢给别人夹菜。但是老外却不喜欢要别人给自己夹菜。;I don#39;t think I#39;ll ever get used to the eating habits out here. You know, the way people put things on your plate...; 老外乐于让人自主选择喜欢的食物。They think to help yourself is the best way. Foreigners give guests the chance to choose what is their favourite。 和老外吃饭,中国人千万不要谦虚含蓄。;Chinese never seem hungry when they come round to my place. Whenever I ask callers if they#39;d like a bite to eat they always say no.; 大多数老外都是实在人。当他们问你要不要吃点什么的时候,如果你谢绝了,他们会尊重你的决定,真的不给你东西吃哦。所以说,饿了就喊出来吧。 一句话,外国人的表达及处世方式更为直接,而中国人则更显圆滑。Foreigners never pretend to be modest. They just tell others what they think. If a Chinese person is faced with the same situation, maybe he or she would say, ;I#39;m sorry. The restaurant is a little bit small and the dishes are just so so, but I hope you#39;ll enjoy yourself.;10大误会盘点完毕。希望今后你和老外相处的时候,能够避开雷区。沟通无极限,交流无国界。 /201312/269602 四川成都市第二人民医院属于几级医院成都第四人民医院做不孕不育怎么样



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