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南充市中心医院等级四川成都市第十医院网址Google DeepMind is training its artificial intelligence software to detect early signs of eye diseases.谷歌DeepMind正在训练其人工智能软件来检测眼部疾病的早期症状。It#39;s aimed at detecting two diseases — age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. The latter can lead to blindness if not detected early.它的目的是检测两种疾病,即老年性黄斑病变和糖尿病视网膜病变。如果没有及早发现,后者可能导致失明。DeepMind is analyzing about 1 million eye scans to develop an algorithm that can catch early warning signs of the conditions. DeepMind通过分析约一百万份眼部扫描来开发一种算法,能够捕获眼部情况的早期预警信号。If you have an OCT scan done, a machine learning algorithm will be able to tell you if it#39;s urgent versus something that#39;s not so urgent.It will allow us to get much earlier detection of the blinding disease.如果你已经完成一次光学相干断层扫描,机器学习算法将能告诉你情况是否紧急,将让我们更早的检测到致盲的疾病。The company has caught flak from privacy critics in the past. It was using patient data to develop an app that identifies the risk of kidney failure. Some said it was allowed too much access to patient information. 谷歌公司过去因隐私问题受到指责。它使用病人的数据开发一个确定肾功能衰竭风险的应用程序。有人称其太多获取病人的信息。But DeepMind says the eye scans were handed over without any identifying information about the patients they came from and are supposed to be completely anonymous. 但DeepMind称眼部扫描不会登记病人信息,患者是完全匿名的。The U.K.#39;s National Health Service and Moorfields Eye Hospital in London partnered with DeepMind to develop the machine learning system. 英国国民健康务和伦敦眼科医院与DeepMind合作开发这项机器学习系统。译文属。 Article/201607/453020达州妇幼保健院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/468003TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/463926成都第三人民医院怎么去

电子科技大学附属医院在线咨询迪斯尼神奇英语全套26集 《迪斯尼神奇英语》(Disney English) 《迪士尼神奇英语》是一套非常精的少儿英语教材。教材中把英语教学中视、听、说几个环节紧密融汇在一起,通过迪士尼卡通形象,营造了足以使孩子们理解、接受所要教授内容的环境,使您的孩子在观赏精的迪士尼画面的同时,在妙趣横生的情节中,轻松自然的学会日常英语会话,培养“语感”,提高和改进孩子的语音和语调,让您的孩子终身受益。 /200706/14548成都大学附属医院体检收费标准 Or when there#39;s a blizzard is the best time.如果有暴风雪,那真是太棒了。Things happen. People forget about you.下雪的时候,人们忘了你的存在。If they see you, they don#39;t go putting on airs.如果他们看见我,完全不把我当回事。They#39;re the way they are, and if they happen to be wearing what you#39;re photographing, then you#39;re in business.他们就是最原本的样子,他们就穿着你拍他们时最自然的装束,那真是绝佳的拍照机会。He#39;s caught me on a rainy day jumping puddles, the same way I did for Avedon, but...It was much less painful...when Bill photographed me, and much more natural.他抓拍了我一张雨天里调过水坑的照片和我在Avedon的照片中一样的动作但这次不用那么痛苦地摆姿势。He catches you crossing a street...with boots and blue jeans and this, and he#39;s so happy,Bill给我拍照时给人的感觉更加自然他抓拍到我过马路时的照片…穿着靴子、蓝色的牛仔裤,还有这个他对抓拍到这张照片感到非常高兴,and he#39;s much happier when you#39;re in this...looking terrible and ratty, than he is...if he saw you in something incredibly elegant and smart.他比照片中的人开心多了,照片里的人看起来都有些糟糕和混乱,但他总能发现你衣着的绝妙和优雅之处。That#39;s my poncho. They#39;re so cheap...that you wear them once or twice, and then they start tearing.这些是我的雨衣,都很便宜,穿一两次,可能就会坏。First at the neck, immediately.脖子这儿很快就穿坏了。Well, why buy a new one? It#39;s only gonna tear anyway.为什么还买新的呢?它还是会坏的。So you repair the old one.可以趁这空档来修补旧雨衣。Damn you, New Yorkers. You#39;re all so extravagant and wasteful.哎,纽约人的生活有时候就是那么奢侈浪费。But I don#39;t believe in one wear.So a little tape. And we#39;re back in business.不过我不是那么在意这个。一段小胶带,这雨衣就又能穿了。I know this embarrasses everyone.别人可能觉得这种穿着很尴尬。It doesn#39;t embarrass me.不过我不在乎。I think everyone that knows Bill...and understands who he is and what he represents...will always be thrilled to be photographed by Bill.我觉得大家都知道Bill,理解他做的事,他的作品代表着什么。而且如果被Bill拍照了,一定会感到很高兴。I mean, I#39;ve said many times that we all get dressed for Bill.我的意思是,我以前大概这么说过……我们都会为了能被Bill拍到特意在上街前打扮自已一下(译者注:Anna Wintour是美版Vogue主编,电影《穿Prada的女魔头》原型)Anna! Anna! Anna, right here, please?Anna, right here. Can you stop for a moment?Anna,Anna,Anna,请看这儿好么?Anna,看这儿。你能停一下么?She stopped for you. -She stopped for Bill.她为你停了一下。-她为Bill停了一下。He#39;s sort of been documenting me for...Since I was a kid, like in my...19,20 years old, and it#39;s one snap, two snaps,他把给我拍的照片大概都排了序…我小时候,19、20岁的时候,这里抓拍一张,那里抓拍一张,or he ignores you, which is death, you know?如果他不再拍我了,那就糟糕了。But he#39;s always doing it because he has a point of view.不过他一直还在拍,他总有些独特的视角。He#39;d take my picture whenever he saw me.Sometimes it got into the Times, and most often not.他基本每次见到我都会给我拍照。有些照片被登入《纽约时报》,但大部分并没有。 Article/201608/457048成都市中医药大学附属一院靠谱吗

四川省肿瘤医院怎么样好吗We#39;re doing well. Say hello to GaryVee and what are your thoughts so far?我们做得很好,向加里打招呼,你现在在想什么?Hey Joe. What did the last girl say on the radio show?嘿,乔。广播节目中的最后一个女孩说了什么?We couldn#39;t hear it on my...我听不到...The last call in from Joe was, I was driving and Gary was making me super uncomfortable与乔的最后一个电话是,我正在开车,加里使我特不舒because he was saying stop complaining因为他让我停止抱怨but I love complaining and I live my life complaining and it just hit me.但我喜欢抱怨,我过着抱怨的生活,这让我很生气。Joe, I love you so much. You don#39;t understand.乔,我非常喜欢你,你不懂。This is the biggest thing for me. Like, I#39;ve aly made my thing.这是我最重要的事,就像我已经做完了我的事。I#39;m gonna buy the New York Jets and there#39;ll be a movie and it#39;s gonna be great.我打算买纽约喷气机队的票,这会是一部电影,很好的电影,At this point, Joe, this phone call means the world to me.在这点上,乔,这个电话就是我的全世界You have to understand why this matters.你必须理解它多么重要。If you actually believe what you just said,如果你真的相信你刚才说的,if this is not a fleeting moment of the energy of this show and如果它不是这个节目的兴奋剂,you#39;re able to maintain that feeling you cannot imagine how much better your life is going to be.并且你能保持那种感觉的话,你简直不能想象你的生活会提升到什么层次。It#39;s easy to complain. Complaining is the easy way out.抱怨很容易,抱怨是捷径,Negativity is the easy way out.消极是捷径,You#39;re lucky if you#39;re gorgeous but if you eat like crap and如果你生活得极好,那很幸运,但如果你吃的不好,don#39;t take care of yourself and do drugs and drink alcohol, you#39;ll not look gorgeous.还不照顾自己,吸毒酗酒,那你看起来特别不好You#39;re lucky if you#39;re 6#39;11; and can sprint like a gazelle如果你身高是6英尺11英寸,那么你很幸运,可以像瞪羚一样奔跑。but if you don#39;t work on your craft then you don#39;t work on your outside jumper,但如果你不专注于手艺,你就不能外跳投,if you don#39;t work on your intensity and your endurance, you won#39;t be an NBA player.如果你不专注于强度和持久力,你就成不了NBA运动员。So, yes, I got lucky that I can win the game of life and entrepreneurship所以,我很幸运赢得生活和创业这场比赛,but I#39;ve put in the work for the last 25 years minimumly and maybe even longer但我以前已经努力了至少25年,甚至更多,to be the best version of myself at this thing.才成为最好的自己。 Article/201706/513074 The most complex operation in history, a success.人类历史上最为复杂的手术大获成功Mechanical hearts, transplanting other organs,人工心脏 其他器官的移植the thought that we could regenerate tissue,重建人体组织 这些构想的行成all this came about because one brave man都源自这位勇士的丰功伟绩was able to accomplish one unimaginable feat,他用行动向世人明了and show it was all possible.这些都是切实可行的Barnard#39;s procedure has saved over 75,000 lives.巴纳德迈出的这一步已经拯救了七万五千多条生命In the ed States alone.仅在美国surgeons perform over 2,500 heart transplants a year.每年就有两千五百多例的心脏移植手术Our organs, replaceable and re-engineered.人体的器官可以替代和重组New body parts, new technology, a new mankind.新的身体组成部分 新的技术 新的人类But as science and technology free us from the limits of our bodies,随着科学与技术 使人类超越身体限制across the world they are also key to a new victory世界范围内捍卫人权 宣扬公正的抗争in the struggle for individual rights and justice.也取得了突破性进展Selma Alabama, 1965.阿拉巴马州的塞尔玛 1965年600 African Americans demand change,六百名非裔美国人要求变革inspiring a global fight for freedom.并激发了一场世界范围的自由运动Amelia Boynton.53 years old,A civil rights activist since high school.阿米莉亚·因顿 五十三岁 从高中起就是一名人权积极分子 Article/201606/447714成都省人民医院挂号预约四川省第四人民医院是不是医保定点




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