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成都看不孕不育什么医院好邛崃市妇女医院治疗不孕不育好吗成都市流产手术多少钱 What is a virus?病毒是什么?Influenza. Ebola. The common cold. HIV/AIDS. Measles.流行性感冒,埃拉病毒,普通感冒,艾滋病毒,麻疹。Viruses cause these diseases - and many more. Some are serious. Others, not so much. For better or worse, viruses are part of life.病毒会导致上述疾病,或者更多。有些很严重,有些则不然。不论怎样,病毒都是我们生活中的一部分。It surprises many people to learn that viruses ;live; in us but aren#39;t technically alive. Viruses can replicate only inside the cells of their host. A host can be an animal, plant, bacterium or fungus.要知道病毒虽然寄居在我们身上并不意味着它就是活的,这可能会令很多人大吃一惊。病毒仅在宿主的细胞内进行复制。它的宿主可能是动物、植物,也可能是细菌、真菌等等。Viruses are sometimes confused with another family of germs: bacteria. But viruses are much, much smaller. Think of a virus as a tiny package jacketed in a protein covering. Inside is either DNA or RNA. Each molecule serves as an instruction book. Its genetic information provides instructions that tell a cell what to make and when to make it.通常我们会把病毒与它的另一个家庭成员-细菌混淆,其区别就是病毒小得多多了。病毒身穿蛋白质外套,内含脱氧核糖核酸或核糖核酸。每一个分子充当着一本说明书。其遗传信息为细胞提供指导,告诉他们什么时候该做什么。When a virus infects a cell, it sends that cell a simple message: Make more viruses.当病毒侵入细胞内时,它会给该细胞发送一个简单的信号:复制更多的病毒!In that sense, this virus is a hijacker. It breaks into a cell. Then it makes the cell do its bidding. Eventually, that host cell dies, spewing new viruses to attack more cells. That is how viruses sicken a host.在这个意义上,病毒就变成了一名劫持犯,它闯入细胞,迫使其按指令行事。最终宿主细胞死掉,吐出新病毒攻击更多细胞,这就是病毒入侵细胞的整个过程。(By the way, a computer virus isn#39;t a real virus. It#39;s a type of software, meaning computer instructions. Like a real virus, however, a computer virus can infect - and even hijack - its host computer.)(顺便提一下,电脑病毒不是真正的病毒,他是一种软件,一种计算机指令。然而与真实病菌类似的是,电脑病毒也会入侵主机内部并将其劫持。)The body can rid itself of many viruses on its own. Other viruses may present too big a challenge. Medicines to treat viruses exist. Called antivirals, they work in different ways. Some, for example, block the entry of a virus into a host cell. Others interrupt the virus as it attempts to copy itself.身体可以自行清除许多病毒,但有些病毒表现的像一个巨大挑战。能对抗病毒的药物是存在的,叫做抗病毒药。他们以不同的方式起作用,比如有的会阻止病毒侵入宿主细胞内。有的会中断病毒复制。In general, viruses can be hard to treat. That#39;s because they live inside your cells, which shelter them from medicines. (It#39;s also important to note that antibiotics don#39;t work on viruses.)总之,病毒很难对付,那是因为它们寄生在你的细胞内部,增加了药物使用困难。(还需注意的是抗生素可能不会对病毒起什么作用) /201506/380719成都市检查排卵费用

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成都中医药大学第二附属医院人工流产多少钱Throughout history, books have disseminated the ideas and discoveries of the world’s most influential thinkers.纵观历史,书籍一直都发挥着为世界上最有影响力的思想家们传播伟大观点和重大发现的作用。Now a new survey has shown that half of the top 10 ‘most valuable’ books – as voted by the British public – were written by eminent scientists.最近一项调查显示,在由英国民众投票选出的世界上最有价值的10本书中,有一半出自世界著名的科学家之手。The poll by The Folio Society set out to select the most valuable works to the human race and authors of those picked include Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, as well as George Orwell and Harper Lee.这项调查由弗里欧书社发起的,目的是选出世界上对人类价值最大的书籍。进入前10名的书籍作者包括查尔斯·达尔文、阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦、斯蒂芬·霍金,以及乔治·奥威尔和哈珀·李。Two of the top three titles were written by scientists. Darwin’s The Origin of Species gained 35 per cent, while Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time gained 17 per cent.前3位中的2名都是科学家的著作。达尔文的《物种起源》获得35%的投票排在第2位,霍金的《时间简史》获得17%的投票排在第3位。But the Bible was voted the most valuable text overall with 37 per cent of the votes.而排在第1名的是获得37%的投票的《圣经》。Interestingly, 37 per cent of people living in the south of the UK voted for Charles Darwin’s seminal scientific tome, but 41 per cent of northerners opted for the Bible.有趣的是,在英国南部有37%的人投票给了达尔文的具有开创性的巨著《物种起源》,而英国北部则有41%的人选择了《圣经》。The study, conducted by YouGov for the publisher, asked over 2,000 members of the British public which three books from a list of 30 they considered to be the most valuable.调查由民治调查公司组织,包括了2000多名的英国民众,涉及到30本被认为最有价值的书籍。The measure for selection was not by popularity or by the enjoyment experienced in ing the book.调查要求民众选择书籍的标准并不是根据流行程度或是阅读时体验到的愉快程度。Participants were asked to rate the influence and significance their selected books have had on the modern world.而是要求民主根据书籍对现代社会的影响力和意义来投票。Other scientific works included: Relativity by Einstein with 15 per cent of the vote and Principia Mathematica - a three-volume work on the foundations of mathematics by Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell – with 12 per cent of votes.排名中的其他科学著作还包括:爱因斯坦的《相对论》,获得了15%的投票;以阿尔弗雷德·诺尔司·怀特海和伯特兰·罗素提出的数学理论为基础所著的三卷本著作《自然哲学的数学原理》,获得了12%的投票。The Double Helix, which is an autobiographical account of the discovery of the structure of DNA written by James D. Watson, also made the cut in tenth place.另外詹姆斯·杜威·沃森的讲述发现DNA结构过程的自传著作《双螺旋》也入选,排在第10名。Classic works of fiction also made up the top 10, including George Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, which came in fifth place and Harper Lee’s classic To Kill A Mockingbird at number seven.这十本书中还包括了一些经典的小说,乔治·奥威尔的反乌托邦小说《一九八四》排在第5位,哈波·李的《杀死一只知更鸟》排在第7位。Tom Walker, Editorial Director at The Folio Society, said: ‘The results of the survey highlighted some interesting dynamics, with A Brief History of Time on the list -surely one of the most under- bestsellers ever written, - relatively little on economics despite the financial climate and only two overtly political, fiction titles in the list.弗里欧书社的编辑部主任汤姆·沃克说:“这次的调查结果反映出一些非常有趣的问题,比如《时间简史》是一本很少人阅读的畅销书,而尽管当前经济局势不佳但入选的经济类书籍却相对较少,另外政治色鲜明的小说入选的也仅占两名。”‘The first question I had was whether the similar figures for Darwin and the Bible does show a continuing polarisation between the realms of science and religion, or whether in fact it reveals a more balanced approach to ideas for the modern er.“让我疑惑的问题是,《物种起源》和《圣经》非常接近的投票比例是否表明科学和宗教领域中仍然存在两级分化现象,又或者这实际上反映的是现代读者对观点的选择方式更加均衡?”‘How different might the survey have looked a hundred, or even thirty years ago? How might it look in another thirty years – will Darwin have taken over; will the worrying rise of Nineteen Eighty-Four’s relevance continue; might the Qur’an continue to rise in significance in the UK; or might advances in DNA technology mean that The Double Helix grows in stature?“如果这项调查在一百年或者是三十年之前来做会是什么结果?或是放在三十年之后又会是什么样子呢?达尔文的书是否还会继续排在前10名里,《一九八四》的排名是否还会这么靠前,《古兰经》对英国的意义是否还会有如此之大,《双螺旋》的知名度会不会因为DNA技术的发展而有所提高呢?…”‘Given the age of the majority of titles perhaps our greatest influence on how we understand the world is nowadays as much through media as through books.’“根据选出的这些书的著作年份来看,目前,也许对我们理解这个世界最有影响力的事物不只来自媒体,同样也来自书籍。” /201411/345155 渠县人民医院是三甲医院吗四川成都二院中医



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