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广安市最好的不孕不育医院四川成都医学院附属不孕不育概况Rob has a lot to do to satisfy his boss and his family. Feifei feels sorry for him and allows him to take some me time in the studio. What will Rob do? Find out more in the programme.为了使老板和家人满意,罗布有许多事情要做。菲菲很同情他,于是允许他在演播室中享有一些个人时间。罗布会做什么?请收听本期节目并找出。Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:音频与文本并不完全对应。Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak with me Feifei…菲菲:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目,我是菲菲……Rob: …and me Rob. Hello. But Im afraid I wont be here for long Feifei.罗布:我是罗布,大家好。菲菲,恐怕我不能在这里待太久。Feifei: Why? Whats happened, Rob?菲菲:为什么?罗布,出什么事了?Rob: I have so much to do. I have to write some texts, I am presenting this and two other programmes, and … yes, I have to upload material to our website…罗布:我还有好多事要做。我要写文本,除了这档节目以外,我还有两档节目要主持,而且……我还要把文件上传到官网上……Feifei: Thats a lot to do, and you look stressed.菲菲:你的确有很多事要做,你看上去压力很大。Rob: And its not just that… I have to take my son to school, my cat to the vet, buy my wife a birthday present...罗布:不仅仅是这些,我还要送我儿子上学,把猫送去兽医诊所,给我妻子买生日礼物……Feifei: Rob, you need some me time!菲菲:罗布,你需要些个人时间!Rob: Yes, I do! That would be brilliant! Me time is an expression which means time we have for ourselves to do just what we want. I really do need some me time.罗布:没错,我是需要!要是那样的话就太好了!这个短语指我们可以做自己想做的事情的个人时间。我真的需要些个人时间。Feifei: Lets hear some examples of how to use the expression me time.菲菲:我们来听些例句,看看这个表达方式如何应用。Examples例句Ive just sent my mum to a spa in the countryside. Shes been taking care of the whole family and is really in need of some me time!我刚刚把我妈妈送去乡村的水疗中心了。她一直在照顾全家人,她真的需要些个人时间!A: Oh, six in the morning! Im going to be late for work!A:哦,已经早上六点了!我上班要迟到了!B: Ignore the alarm clock today. Its Sunday! Stay in bed till late and have some me time.B:今天就别管闹钟了。今天是周日!晚点再起床,享受个人时间吧。Feifei: You know, Rob, these examples have inspired me so much that Ill let you to have some me time for the rest of the programme.菲菲:罗布,这些例子对我启发很大,余下的节目我会让你享受个人时间。Rob: Really?!罗布:真的吗?!Feifei: Yes. What do you like to do to relax?菲菲:对。你想怎么放松?Rob: Well… Id like to …罗布:嗯,我想……Feifei: Yes?菲菲:想什么?Rob: What Id like, Id really really like is… to take a nap. And now Im going to do just that. OK. Thanks Feifei. Bye everyone!罗布:我特别想小睡一下。现在我就要这样做。谢谢你,菲菲,各位听众再见!Feifei: Rob? Rob?... Well, lets give Rob some me time. Bye!菲菲:罗布?罗布?嗯,我们给罗布一些个人时间吧。再见! 译文属 /201507/383548高新区妇幼保健院电话号码 Is it convenient if I visit you this weekend? 我这周末去拜访你方便吗?例句:A:Hey,Rose.What are you busy with right now?嘿,罗斯。你在忙些什么呢?B:Hi,Jack.Im working on these documents.The Manager wants them in half an hour.Is there something you need?嗨,杰克,我在弄这些文件呢。经理半小时后就要用。有什么需要吗?A:Are you free this weekend?你这周末有空吗?B:Yes,I have nothing to do.有啊,我没什么事情做。A:Great.Is it convenient if I visit you this weekend?太好了,我这周末去拜访你,方便吗?B:I beg your pardon?你再说一次好吗?A:Id like to call on you this weekend.I just want to drop in for a chat.这周末我想去拜访你,我只是想顺便去和你聊聊天。B:Really?Well,ok,youre welcome.真的吗?好啊,欢迎。A:Is 5:00pm Saturday a good time for you?周六下午五点对你来说合适吗?B:Hmm,how about 7:00?I can treat you to dinner.七点怎么样?我可以请你吃晚饭。A:Sure.That would be great.Ill bring the wine.当然可以,那就再好不过了。我会带酒过去。B:Ok,Then Ill be expecting you.好的,那到时候等你来哦。A:Ill be there on time.我会准时到的。背景音乐:The Maestro更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201703/494890unit 300 买裤子dialogue 英语情景对话A:Show me a smaller pair of trousers, sir. I am not that fat, you see.A:先生,给我拿条瘦些的裤子好吗?你瞧,我没有那么胖。B:Youve come to the right place. Weve got various styles and sizes recently. How much do you measure around your waist?B:你算来对了地方。我们新进了一批货,各种式样、各种尺码都齐全。请问先生多少腰围?A:I have no idea. Measure me, please.A:不太清楚,给我量量吧!B:OK! 2 Chi round. Try this one. Maybe its of your size.B:好的!2尺腰围,那就试试这条,可能尺码你穿正好合适。A:( After trying) Im afraid its still too fight around the stomach.A:(试穿以后)恐怕肚子这里还是太紧了点。B:Let me check the stock. How about this one?B:我到库房看看。(过了一会儿)这条怎样?A:( After trying) Mm, a perfect fit. How much?A:(试穿以后)嗯,这条正好,多少钱?B:150 Yuar.B:150元。A:A little expensive. But Ill buy it anyway. Its hard for me to get a perfect one. Here is 200 Yuan.A:贵是贵了点儿,不过我还是决定买下来。要知道,我买条中意的裤子不容易啊。给你,200元。B:Heres your change, 50 Yuan. Welcome back again.B:找你50元,欢迎下次再来。 /201601/421197宜宾市第二人民医院不孕不育检查要多少钱

四川省儿童医院妇产科Alex: So Maria, what are your future plans?亚历克斯:玛丽亚,你未来有什么计划?Maria: Future plans, thats a big question. I would like to have an nice career. Im not really sure what it would be. I would love to be a CEO of some place, some place big but I dont need to. I just want to have a prestigious job because Im that kind of person and I want to have a nice pay and I want, I think its more important to me to have, it keep on being interesting. Im very afraid of just ending up with a job that just bores me to death or something. I do want a family. I hope Im about to find the guy I will have a family with in the next couple of years because otherwise Ill have to start looking and Id rather have the love at first sight thing or just like having it be normal instead of just having to look for it like those desperate women you see in the TV. Have a nice house maybe in Denmark Im not sure. I love big cities and Copenhagen is awesome but Im not sure if its big enough for me. I might go to Tokyo, a place I studied Japanese and I might go to or I might go to another European country. I have something with Holland. I keep getting friends from Holland or connections and I get attracted to Dutch people for some reason so Amsterdam is a choice. My parents wouldnt mind me going to Amsterdam. They want me close. I just, I dont know, I would like my future to be kind of unclear.玛丽亚:未来计划,这是个大问题。我想找份不错的工作。目前我还不确定是什么工作。我想做大企业的首席执行官,不过也不一定非做这份工作。我想找份令人尊敬的工作,因为我希望得到不错的薪水,做感兴趣的工作对我来说更重要。我很担心最后我找到的工作会让我烦得要死。我想组建家庭。我希望能在未来几年找到可以结婚的人,我要开始寻找另一半,我更喜欢那种一见钟情或是很平常的恋情,而不想像电视里演的那些不顾一切的女人一样。我想在丹麦买个不错的房子,不过我还不确定。我喜欢大城市,我认为哥本哈根非常棒,可是我不确定那座城市对我来说够不够大。我可能会去东京,我曾在日本东京学习过,我也可能去其他欧洲国家。我在荷兰有认识的人。我有很多朋友在荷兰,因为某些原因,荷兰人非常吸引我,所以阿姆斯特丹这座城市也是个不错的选择。我父母不介意我去阿姆斯特丹。他们希望我离他们近一些。现在我也不确定,我希望我的未来可以充满变化。Alex: OK.亚历克斯:好。Maria: Because I have friends whove known they wouldnt want to be a doctor or a nurse or a teacher since they were five and thats just I need to be able to change whenever I can.玛丽亚:因为我有朋友在五岁的时候就知道他们不想当医生、护士或是老师,而只要我可以,我就要去改变。Alex: Do you think you would change your career if you felt that it got too boring or...?亚历克斯:如果你觉得你的工作太无聊了,你认为你会换工作吗?Maria: I dont think I know I will change. I will just say phew.玛丽亚:我不认为……我想我会换。我可能会说“哦”。Alex: So youd want to be able to fit your work to your life as opposed to the other way around?亚历克斯:你希望能找到符合生活的工作,而不是相反的情况吗?Maria: I might be a little self-centered because I have to be satisfied. I cant just, I have had jobs like part time jobs or very short time jobs just because I had time and I get impatient very fast if its not, if it doesnt work for me I just hate getting up in the morning and if its going to be my life. Studying and having a part time job you can live with it. You can live with a bad job but having to do it every day, having to do a bad job every day just like it seems pointless to me.玛丽亚:我可能有些以自我为中心,因为我一定要让自己满意。我做过不好的工作,比如一些兼职工作和一些短期工作,因为我有时间,可是如果这份工作不适合我,我很快就会失去耐心,我很讨厌早上很早就起床,我认为这不是我想要的生活。学习的时候找份兼职,还可以忍受。我可以接受做不好的工作,可是要每天都做这种不好的工作,我会觉得这毫无意义。 译文属 /201609/465648绵阳市哪个医院看女性不孕专业 Shirley: So Josh, I know that you like to play the guitar.雪莉:乔什,我知道你喜欢弹吉他。Josh: Yeah.乔什:对。Shirley: What kind of music do you like?雪莉:你喜欢哪种音乐?Josh: Mostly, I play rock but sometimes, I play pop music as well.乔什:我主要演奏摇滚乐,不过有时我也演奏流行音乐。Shirley: Cool. So who is an artist that you like?雪莉:真酷。你喜欢哪位艺术家?Josh: My favorite artist at the moment is Jason Mraz.乔什:目前我最喜欢的艺术家是杰森·玛耶兹。Shirley: Okay. Where does he come from?雪莉:好。他来自哪里?Josh: He comes from the States, the US. He plays guitar and sings at the same time.乔什:他来自美国。他可以边弹吉他边唱歌。Shirley: Nice. So you like to sing, too.雪莉:不错。那你也喜欢唱歌了。Josh: Yeah, I like to sing, too.乔什:对,我也喜欢唱歌。Shirley: Cool. Okay, do you play any other instruments?雪莉:真酷。好,你还会其他乐器吗?Josh: I do. I play the piano as well.乔什:会,我也会弹钢琴。Shirley: Wow. You are really very talented.雪莉:哇哦。你真是多才多艺。Josh: Thank you.乔什:谢谢。Shirley: So when you play piano, do you like to sing as well?雪莉:那你喜欢一边弹钢琴一边唱歌吗?Josh: I dont usually sing when I play piano because Im not as good at the piano.乔什:我一般弹钢琴的时候不唱歌,因为我钢琴弹得不是太好。Shirley: Oh, I see. So like guitar better than piano or youre better at it?雪莉:哦,我知道了。那你是更喜欢吉他,还是说你的吉他弹得更好?Josh: Im better at guitar.乔什:我更擅长弹吉他。Shirley: Okay. Do you have a band?雪莉:好。你有乐队吗?Josh: I dont have a band, but I hope someday, I will.乔什:我没有乐队,不过我希望有一天我能组个乐队。Shirley: Hmm, a rock band?雪莉:嗯,摇滚乐队吗?Josh: Maybe.乔什:也许吧。Shirley: Do you have a name for your rock band?雪莉:你有为这摇滚乐队想好名字吗?Josh: No, I havent really picked one up yet.乔什:没有,我现在还没起名呢。Shirley: What about Josh and the Jammers?雪莉:Josh and the Jammers怎么样?Josh: That sounds okay, but its a little long.乔什:听起来不错,不过有些长。Shirley: Yeah. JJs Jammers.雪莉:好吧,那就叫JJs Jammers。Josh: Thats a little better.乔什:这个好一些。Shirley: Yes. In Australia, that sounds like pajamas.雪莉:嗯。在澳大利亚,这个听起来像睡衣。 译文属 /201705/508139成都市检查精子质量哪家最好

宜宾第二人民医院做不孕不育多少钱hold your horses 别着急;耐心点例句:Hold your horses,well leave soon.别着急,我们很快就走了。Hold your horses,theres no need to rush.别着急,没必要这么匆匆忙忙。Dont be angry,just hold your horses.Hell come back soon.别生气,再等一会,他很快就回来了。背景音乐:Isabelle Antena-Moonling dancer关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201611/477364 For:正方辩词:Buying a house on mortgage is a feasible option.按揭买房是一个很不错的选择。Housing prices are keeping rising, especially in many parts of the country. Hesitating to buy a house means that you will never afford to buy you own house in the future. Nowadays the interest rates are pretty much lower. Nobody knows whether this favorable financial policy will be changed or not. Most people have the strong desire to settle down. For those people who have strong career stability and can afford to pay the monthly mortgage, buying a house on mortgage is a feasible option.现在全国大部分城市的房价都在不断的上涨,犹豫着不买房就意味着你以后再也买不起房子。现在利率还不算高,未来几年还会不会提供这种优惠政策,谁也不清楚。毕竟每个人都希望有个安定的住所。对于那些有稳定工作,有能力承担月供的人来说,按揭买房是一个很不错的选择。Against:反方辩词:Dont be a mortgage slave.千万不能做房奴。Dont be a mortgage slave. The housing price is so high that life is hard for most people who earn just enough to pay their mortgage. They will take a very heavy financial burden, as they have to pay their mortgage monthly. The costs for buying a house could add up to about 6% of the sale price, or roughly two or three years worth of rents. Renting a house makes it possible to lead a comfortable life.千万不能做房奴。现在房价如此高,绝大部分的工薪阶层的薪水只够付月供,他们的生活非常得艰难。每月付月供对他们来说无疑是沉重的负担。更何况购置房产的其他费用加起来就要达到房产总价值的6%,这笔费用完全可以用来付两三年的租房费用。租房子可以使你的生活很惬意。 /201502/358517汉中市妇幼保健院不孕不育四川省妇幼保健院处女膜修补



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