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Being the perfect boyfriend can be a bit of a challenge, but here#39;s how it#39;s done! Be the perfect boyfriend with VideoJug#39;s helpful suggestions and you#39;ll never let your partner down again!成为完美男友或多或少会有些挑战,来看看视频汇的建议,你的另一半将再也不会情绪低落。Step 1: Listen to her1.倾听Girls like to talk a lot, about things you don#39;t really understand such as shopping, makeup, and feelings. It#39;s important to seem interested no matter how confused you are because girls value communication above all things. If you do lose the th, and she suddenly demands a response, here are a few phrases that may come in useful: ;What an interesting story!; or ;I can#39;t believe it, tell me again- in more detail; or if all else fails- ;oh sorry, I was just thinking about how much I love you.女孩子喜欢谈论一大堆你并不真正了解的东西,比如购物、化妆和她们变幻莫测的心情。无论多么迷惑,都要记住,重要的是你能撞出感兴趣的样子,因为女孩子会重视交流的每一个细节。如果你不小心露馅了,这里有几个救急的妙方:多么精的故事啊;我不相信,除非你告诉我更多的细节。如果以上都失败了,还有:对不起,我只是在想我有多么爱你。Step 2: Love her friends and family2.喜欢她的朋友和家人No matter how great you think you are, you#39;re not the only person in her life. Her family and friends are also important to her. Remember key facts about them, such as their names - so you avoid saying things like #39;oh her, the fat one with the hair#39;无论你认为自己多么牛气,你也不是她生命中唯一的人。她的家人和朋友在她的生活中同样很重要。对于这些人,关键在于记住他们的名字,这样你才能避免诸如“那个谁,胖乎乎的有长辫子的那个人”之类的表达。Try and make them your friends too. This way, when you screw up and she runs crying to them, you#39;ve got someone on the inside. Remember hell hath no fury like a woman#39;s friends.试着与他们交朋友。这样当你们吵架后她跑去哭诉的时候你也能有个帮着你说话的人。记住,女人的闺蜜,会比地狱还疯狂,最好别随便招惹。Step 3: Be a man3.像个男人一样In the olden days, it was all about be a man#39;s man, then it was briefly about being a woman#39;s man, now its about being the perfect man. The operative word here is ;man;.在过去,男人总意味着男人中的男人,然后这个词语成了女人的男人。现在是完美的男人,唯一不变的还是男人的内涵。Sure you can carry her bag, open doors, and pump iron, But can you be supportive and facilitate her ability to achieve? Has she got a new job? Give her a call. Has she written a poem? Read it. And if she#39;s afraid of the dark? Be the one who turns on the light.你能为她拎包,开门,熨衣,但是你能持她帮助她去实现自己的追求吗?她有新工作了,打个电话祝贺一下;她写了一首诗,朗读一遍;她怕黑,就帮她修理灯泡。Step 4: In the bedroom4.卧室When it comes to bedtime, and matters of the night you need to be play your woman like a piano - you can play a soft sonata, some freeform jazz, or a drive time power ballad. Whatever song she#39;s in the mood for, play it well and you#39;re bound to get an encore.晚间时间到了之后,你要像弹钢琴一样对待她-温柔的奏鸣曲,自由的爵士乐,或者是一段享受时间的情歌,适合她情绪的任何音乐。表演的好的话,可能会有再来一次的机会。Step 5: Surprise her5.惊喜Take her out for dinner! Buy her some flowers! If it#39;s been a good month treat her to a mini-break! This last option is fantastic, as it gives her ample opportunity to reward you.带她出去共进晚餐。买给她一些花。如果这个月你们心情都不错,可以考虑度个短假。最后一项选择尤其美妙,因为她有可能奖励你。Step 6: Be hygienic6.个人卫生The perfect man is the wind beneath her wings not the wind beneath the duvet. Be respectful, contain and disguise your bodily odours. She does it, why can#39;t you?完美的男人应该有让她舒的男人味,而不能只有爷们儿汗臭让她避之不及。做一个有礼貌的人,也要去除身上的异味。她能做到,你为什么不能?Shower regularly, always brush your teeth and stay well groomed.经常洗澡,保持刷牙的习惯,打扮得体。Top Tip: Deodorant is for after the shower, not instead of it.记住,除臭剂是洗浴后使用,而不能代替洗浴。Step 7: Be faithful7.真诚If you#39;re with this girl it#39;s for a reason, decide early if you#39;re serious about her, and then never ever mess around.如果跟一个女生谈恋爱,在一起之前就要想好是否会认真对待她,如果是,之后就不要后悔。Step 8: Done8.结束语Have fun with your girlfriend.希望你和你女朋友永远开心。Thanks for watching How To Be The Perfect Boyfriend谢谢收看本期“完美男朋友教程”节目。 Article/201208/195010

How Can I Tell If She Is Attracted To Me?This short film, with Judi James our body language expert, shows you how to decode these signals and get ahead in the dating game. Try it out, see if she is attracted to you, and good luck!Step 1: The first glance(第一次目光接触)This is the most vital part of the process. If a woman likes you, expect her to hold eye contact for a few seconds longer than normal. If she finds you attractive, she will look away and then look back. If she then smiles, she probably fancies you.Step 2: Sub-conscious mirroring(下意识的模仿)When she starts to slightly copy your body movements and pace through sub-conscious mirroring, it usually means there is a degree of empathy there.Step 3: Change in posture(姿势改变)Most women have a screen saver pose, but when she sees someone she fancies, she will arch her back slightly as it creates a better body shape, making her automatically more attractive to members of the opposite sex.Step 4: Self-grooming gestures(自我梳理的动作)These self checks will take place when she sees someone attractive. Therefore small, checking movements signal a degree of attraction.Step 5: Face softening(面部温柔)Normally women can look a bit angry or fed up without realising it. Yet when they see someone they fancy, their face softens and they look much more attractive. It is an animal signal of attraction, making her seem immediately more beautiful.Step 6: Touching(触碰)She will not just touch herself, but she'll touch you too in subtle ways whilst you are in conversation. This signals to other women that you are taken.Also known as:(How To Tell If A Woman Is Attracted To You)(How To Tell If A Girl Likes You)(How To Tell If A Woman Likes You)(How To Tell If A Female Likes You)(How To Read Female Attraction. )(Learn If She Is Attracted To You. )(Body Language: The Signs Of Attraction)(Body Language: How To Read A Woman's Non-Verbal Cues)(How Can I Tell If She's Interested?)(Signals That A Girl Likes You)(Body Language: Is She Interested?)(Body Language: Romance At A Glance)(How To Read Women's Interest)(How To Know A Girl Likes You)(How Do I Know If Someone Likes Me?)Thanks for watching How Can I Tell If She Is Attracted To Me? For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Flirting. Article/201105/135689

  Southern humpbacks,南方的座头鲸after travelling 4,000 miles from the equator,从赤道出发 长途跋涉四千英里are finally arriving in Antarctica.最终到达南极洲Humans have long felt the lure of this mysterious world,长久以来 这个神秘世界引诱着世人yet it was only a hundred years ago然而直到一百年前that the first explorers walked inland才有第一批探险家涉足此地and were confronted by the highest,挑战地球上的至高点driest and coldest territory on Earth.这片最干燥 最寒冷的土地Every year, the continent is transformed每年 当大陆周围的浮冰开始融化as the sea ice that surrounds it begins to disappear.大陆的形态也随之改变This melt halves the size of Antarctica.这种融化使南极洲缩小了一半It#39;s the most spectacular seasonal change这是我们地球上occurring anywhere on our planet.最壮观的季节转换The remnants of the sea ice沐浴着阳光的海豹are occupied by sunbathing seals慵懒的躺在浮冰上that have been here all winter.它们已在这度过了整个冬季But new arrivals are following the retreating ice edge但随着冰雪融去 有新客到访and they have come here to hunt.它们来此捕食 /201210/205334


  Veterans are called ;Fixers;. The novices are ;Snakes;,because working with them can be deadly.资格老的称为吸铁石,新手则称为毒蛇,这是因为和新手共事可能会有生命危险 The old hands know just how dangerous it can be.内行的人都知道那有多危险 The thing I hate worse than poison is to take on a new man when we#39;re near the top.我最怕的就是在高处工作时启用新手 They all get used to it or get killed.他们要么适应,要么丧命 No hard hats.Just a 280-foot drop.他们没有安全帽,距离地面足有280英尺 A sudden gust of wind and it#39;s all over.哪怕突然刮阵强风,就能一命呜呼They#39;re up here eight hours a day, meals when they can.他们每天连续高空作业8小时,没有固定的午饭时间 No bath room breaks.也不能去方便They#39;re called roughnecks, European immigrants and Mohawk Indians.人们叫他们钻工,欧洲移民或是印第安人Many were sailors and bridge workers, so they#39;re used to heights.他们许多曾做过水手和建桥工人,习惯于在高处工作 The guys balancing on the beams.这些人能够在横梁上保持平衡I think it took a lot of bravery, I think it took a lot of skill, a lot of physically--physically challenging.需要莫大的勇气,需要掌握大量技巧,也面临很多身体上的挑战But I also think it-- you had to be a little crazy.不过我还认为,狂热的心态必不可少The stakes couldn#39;t be higher.It#39;s a risk they are willing to take.这项工作是如此危险,而他们甘愿冒险 The pay is a day, twice the going rate for manual labor.每天的报酬是4美元,是时下普通体力活的两倍 Foreman William Starrett sums up his dangerous job.工头威廉·施泰力是这样总结他的工作的 Building skyscrapers is the nearest peacetime equivalent of war.建造天大楼是和平时代没有硝烟的战争 Even to the occasional grim reality of an accident or a maimed body, even death,remind us that we are fighting a war of construction against the forces of nature.时不时要面对残酷的现实,事故、伤残甚至死亡,时时提醒我们,我们正在进行着一场对抗自然的建筑之战 He makes it.Many aren#39;t so lucky.他成功了,而许多人并没有他那么幸运 Two roughnecks out of five die or are disabled on the job.五分之二的钻工因工死亡或伤残 Whether it#39;s a builder or an architect, or... whatever, whoever had the imagination to design and build some of the great structures of New York, I#39;m inspired by.不管是建筑工人还是建筑师或者是那些发挥奇思妙想设计,并建造纽约那些杰出建筑的人都让我倍受鼓舞 In 1902 ,in New York, this is what the future looks like.1902年,纽约人对城市的设想就是这番模样The Flatiron Building, its triangular footprint determined by the intersection of three streets, not two.熨斗大厦地基为三角形,这是由于该建筑位于三条大街的交汇处The steel frame means the outside can be hung in sections like a suit of clothes.该建筑采用钢筋建造,外层可如衣一样挂在各自的位置 Now the walls don#39;t take the weight, the steel does.承担建筑重量的不再是墙壁,而是钢筋 /201212/212980

  Times are tough, but saving money isn't. Just decide what you can do without. Here are 10 common but unnecessary purchases you don't need. Step 1: Credit Card Protection Plans 有节制地使用信用卡They promise to make minimum payments if you lose your job. But they add a significant amount to your monthly bill- money better spent paying down balances.Step 2: Commercial Grade Appliances 使用划算的家电Americans are eating out more than ever, and an inexpensive microwave heats take-out quite well.Step 3: Detox 戒掉不良嗜好Teas, colonics, even Japanese foot pads claim to detoxify your body. Your liver and kidneys do that for free.Step 4: Jeans 牛仔裤The average American woman owns 8 pairs or more. Even at 75% off put them back.Step 5: Kleenex Box Covers 克里奈克斯面纸盖子Research has shown tissue works fine without a cover.Step 6: Gag Gifts 恶作剧的小玩具Gag gifts are only funny once. And they're not even that funny. No refunds. Same goes for cutesy knick-knacks.Step 7: Air Fresheners 空气清凉剂If your house stinks, clean it. That should take care of the odor.Step 8: Satellite Navigation 卫星导航The vast majority of drivers know exactly where they're going. If you don't, online directions are free.Step 9: Big Box Bulk 大整理箱 If you don't use it, it's not a bargain. It's a waste.Step 10: Home Exercise Equipment 家庭健身设备Most of it ends up unused, and there are far cheaper ways to hang up wet socks. Article/201111/160138

  Z)!O+BeI@^z8AByX5v^WAjX2VMi!cwS)RqmfThis will help people be more confident in the workplace.这个视频会帮助人们在工作场所更加自信kpM*O]tfavV7OON。C(xY@5aJ9dH.#YYmXaF*bzjXjjN|yq+.Wn9rl2x2.#n Article/201206/188367Insects, stirred up by the noisy machines,被机器轰鸣惊扰的虫子are snapped up by gangs of red-rumped swallows马上成为了一群红尾燕的腹中餐including this year#39;s youngsters包括新生儿who have fledged several weeks ago数周前刚刚羽翼丰满的新燕This could be their last feast before they head for the winter这也许是它们在动身渡冬到来前最后的聚餐了Mechanized farming works best in the flat bottom valleys of the lowland机械农具最适宜在山谷低地的平坦处工作To the south, in the terraced hills in Zhejiang province在南面 浙江省连绵起伏的丘陵地带an older and simpler lifestyle persists人们坚持这一种古老而又简单的生活方式It#39;s 7 in the morning现在是清晨7点and Longxian#39;s most successful business man龙现村最成功的商人is off to work出门工作In the golden terraces surrounding the village在金黄梯田环绕的小村落the ears of rice are plump and right for harvesting饱满的稻穗正待收获But today, rice isn#39;t upon the most in Mr Yang#39;s mind然而今天稻子却不是老杨心中首位He has bigger fish to fry他有更重要的事要做Further at valley, the harvest has aly began在山谷地带丰割已然开始Yang#39;s fields are ripe too老杨的田地也临近丰收but they haven#39;t been drained yet但收割却尚未完成That#39;s because for him, rice is not the main crop这是因为稻米并非他最主要的作物The baskets he#39;s carried up the hillside give a clue to Yang#39;s business他带上山坡的篮子泄露了老杨营生的秘But before he starts work在他开工前he needs to let some water out of the system他先需要释放些水出来As the water level drops谜底随着水位的下降the mystery is revealed而水落石出golden carp金鲤 /201207/192471

  Learning how you spend your money can keep you from wasting it. Stop throwing money out the window with these smart moves.学习一下怎样花钱才能避免浪费。学会以下聪明的举动,不要再把钱白白扔掉。Step 1 Take employer matching1.利用退休基金Take advantage of retirement funds your employer matches.充分利用雇主提供的退休金。Step 2 Save money2.储蓄Save your money in accounts that pay high interest.把钱存在利息比较高的账户。Tip Call your bank to see what high interest accounts are available.小贴士:打电话给,查询一下有哪些利息比较高的储蓄方式。Step 3 Buy appropriate amounts3.购买数量要适当Buy in bulk only if you consume in bulk. You are not saving money if what you buy in bulk eventually gets thrown away.在确实需要的情况下才大宗购买比较多的商品。如果你买来之后却要扔掉,实际上是在浪费。Step 4 Pay in cash4.现金付Pay in cash. You are wasting money when you spend time cutting coupons only to pay interest when you pay for your purchases with a credit card.用现金付。到处剪优惠券浪费时间,用信用卡购物要付利息。Step 5 Resist impulse purchases5.抵制冲动购物Stop making impulse purchases. Ask yourself if you really need the item and if you can afford it. If you don#39;t really need it, use your willpower and avoid the unnecessary expense.不要再冲动购物。问一下自己是否真的需要这件物品,自己能否付得起。如果不是真的需要,动用自己的意志力,避免不必要的消费。Tip Do not buy items that you will not use just because they are on sale.小贴士:不要仅仅因为促销而购买自己不需要的物品。Step 6 Buy generic6.购买普通品牌Buy generic brand items, such as prescriptions and groceries, instead of name brands.购买普通品牌的物品,例如处方药和杂货,而不要购买名牌。Step 7 Cancel gym membership7.取消健身馆会员Cancel your gym membership if you are not using it, and walk or bike to get around.如果不经常使用的话取消健身馆会员资格,可以散步或骑自行车来代替。Step 8 Quit smoking8.戒烟Quit smoking. Both your wallet and body will thank you.戒烟,你的身体和钱包都会因此受益。Step 9 Get best insurance rates9.获得最佳保险费率Make sure you are getting the best insurance rates by calling your current carrier#39;s competition.确保你的保险费率是最优惠的,可以打电话给竞争者确认。Step 10 Visit your library10.去图书馆Visit your local library to rent music, books, and movies for free or for a minimal fee.去当地图书馆借阅音乐,图书和电影,这样是免费的,或者收费很低。Fact As of 2006, the federal government spent between and billion annually maintaining unused or vacant agency buildings.事实:2006年之前,联邦政府每年花费150亿至250亿美元来维修未使用或空置的政府机构建筑。 Article/201212/214943


  The best fast amp; easy fix for a horrible shoe smell! using only items that cost you or less you can now start re-using that grate old pair of shoes you once loved so...这段视频为你带来去除鞋子异味最简单快速的方法!这些材料的费用不到一美元,你曾经深爱却充满异味的旧鞋子又可以穿在脚上了。Step 1: Smelly Shoes1.散发异味的鞋子Have you ever bought a pair of brand new shoes and you couldn#39;t wear them more than a week or maybe two weeks because they started smelling awful? In this I#39;m going to show you how you can eliminate, totally, the bad smell from any pair of shoes. You may have tried lots of methods like putting a soap bar inside a pair of shoe. But that didn#39;t really work out now did it? You may have washed it or whatever but the smell keeps coming back. I#39;m going to show you how to eliminate it totally by using only .00 in household items.你是否曾经买了一双全新的鞋子,但是一两个星期之后却不能再穿了,因为鞋子开始散发出难闻的气味?在这段视频中,我将教给你怎样彻底消除任何鞋子散发出的异味。你可能尝试了很多方法,例如在鞋子里面涂抹香皂,但是却没有多大效果。你或许努力清洗,或者其他很多方法,但是异味仍然顽固地存在。我现在就教给一种方法,用不到一美元的家用物品就可以彻底消除异味。Step 2: Use Lemons To Remove The Smell2.使用柠檬消除异味Now the only thing you need to get rid of the nasty smell are a few lemons. Yes, you heard me right, a few lemons. Now you slice them up into teeny pieces and you put them inside the shoe, but be careful, the shoe has to be wet and you have to let it dry naturally. Don#39;t use sunlight or heat to dry out the shoe, you have to let it naturally that way the lemon will absorb all the bad smell. It will give it a fresh lemon smell. And the smell will never, I mean never come back again.现在,只需要几个柠檬就可以轻松消除异味。是的,你没有听错,几个柠檬就可以了。现在,将柠檬切成硬币大小,放到鞋子里面,但是要小心,一定要让柠檬把鞋子弄湿,然后自然晾干。不要阳光晒干或加热来干燥鞋子,必须自然晾干,这样柠檬就会吸收所有异味,还会让鞋子散发出清新的柠檬味。而且异味永远不会回来。Thanks for watching How To Freshen Smelly Shoes.感谢收看“怎样彻底消除鞋子异味”视频节目。 Article/201212/217820

  Is your oven a mess? Jacqueline Hansson from Amy Cleaners shows us how to clean an oven so that it gleams with pride.你的烤箱是否有脏又乱?艾美清洁中心的Jacqueline Hansson向我们展示怎样清洁烤箱,让它重新散发出光。Step 1: You will need1.你需要Rubber gloves,Heavy duty oven cleaner,metal scourer,soft cloth橡胶手套,强力烤箱清洁剂,金属擦,软布Step 2: Spray2.喷洒清洁剂Give your heavy duty cleaner a good shake. Cover the inside of the oven with an even coating of the spray. Cover the door,base, walls, and shelf brackets. Read the manufacturers instructions on the package and leave for the required time.将强力清洁剂摇晃一下,均匀地喷洒烤箱内侧,门,底部,侧壁,烤架。阅读包装上的说明,等待相应的时间。WARNING Some oven cleaners can be noxious so make sure the room is well ventilated.警告:一些烤箱清洁剂有毒,所以一定要保房间通风效果良好。Step 3: Scrub3.擦洗Fill a small bowl with hot water and take it to the oven. This will prevent you dripping greasy water across your kitchen floor. Dip a scourer in the water and scrub. Scrub hard - this is no job for wimps! Regularly rinse the scourer off in the bowl of water. Pay particular attention to the bottom of the oven as this is where most of the baked on food will be.用一个小桶装满热水,拿到烤箱旁边。这样可以防止将厨房地板洒上水。向水中浸入金属擦,然后擦洗。一定要用力擦洗,没有力气的人做不了这项工作!经常把金属擦在热水中浸一下。特别注意一下烤箱底部,因为大部分烧烤的食物都放在这里。Work around the sides and along the shelf brackets.擦一下侧面和烤架。Step 4: Wipe4.用软布擦Use a soft cloth to remove the product from the oven. Warning -This will turn the cloth brown. Make sure you wipe right into all the corners. Keep wiping until the oven is spotless. Give it a final polish with paper towels - this will remove any final traces of the cleaning products and really make the inside of your oven gleam.用软布轻轻地擦一遍。警告:这会让布变成棕色。确保擦到所有角落,直到烤箱没有一点污渍。最后再用纸巾擦一遍,这样可以清除清洁剂留下的任何痕迹,让烤箱内侧闪闪发光。TOP TIP小建议:Close the oven door and set to a high temperate for just a few minutes until the oven warms up. This kills of any germs and left over chemical smells. Turn the oven off and leave the door open a fraction to let the vapours dispel.关闭烤箱门,设置较高的温度,保持几分钟,直到烤箱变暖。这样可以消灭任何细菌和残留的化学品味道。关闭烤箱,打开烤箱门,让蒸汽散发干净。Thanks for watching How To Clean An Oven So It Gleams.感谢收看“怎样清洗烤箱”视频节目。 Article/201212/215202

  2011/2012赛季欧冠联赛1/4决赛第2回合迎来一场焦点战役。在诺坎普球场,卫冕冠军巴塞罗那主场3比1轻取意甲领头羊AC米兰,并以3比1的总比分晋级四强。梅西点球梅开二度,伊涅斯塔锁定胜局,诺切里诺一度帮助AC米兰扳平比分,皮克因伤离场。巴萨欧冠连续16场不败创俱乐部历史新高,同时成为欧冠改制后第一连续五年只要晋级八强就肯定能晋级四强的球队。巴萨本赛季主场保持不败,AC米兰各项比赛中3场不胜。World Player of the Year Lionel Messi grabbed the spotlight again for Barcelona. The La Liga champs met Athletic Bilbao, still trying to close the margin to first place Real Madrid.Fans at the Nou Camp showed their love for the club’s all-time top scorer Messi before the match. The banner says ;you are unique, you are great,; and the playmaker displayed his greatness early.7th minute, Messi with the cross to Daniel Alves, and on to Thiago Alcantara,but an offside call kept the score 0-0. Barca’s usually impeccable passing game, slightly off-the-mark.The Bilbao ’keeper foiled Messi’s free-kick try later in the first half. It was still scoreless through halftime.Barca stayed aggressive.Messi sent a ball ahead to Andres Iniesta and he found the top of the net from the penalty area. The Nou Camp fans started the celebration at 1-0.58th minute, Cristian Tello went down, and the referee awarded a penalty.Messi tucked away the spot kick to seal a 2-0 victory for the champions over Athletic Bilbao.Also on the day in La Liga, Cristiano Ronaldo inspired Real Madrid to a big 5-1 win at Osasuna. The league-leaders hit the 100-goal mark this season. Malaga lost 2-0 at home to Real Betis. Racing Santander lost 1-0 at home to Granada after conceding an 89th-minute penalty, and slipped to 19th place with 25 points, the same as Sporting, which is at the bottom of the standings.And looking at the table in Spain, Real Madrid holds 78 points and is a step closer to its first league title in four years. There are just eight matches to go. Barcelona is second with 72 points, fourth-placed Malaga stays level on 47 points with Valencia, which plays on Sunday. Osasuna stands sixth with 43 points. Article/201203/176510

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