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"If you want to watch movies, we also have VUDU."Josh Gilbert was tired of paying the TV program that he wanted."Anywhere from 50 to 0 bucks a month."So he dumped his service provider and hooked his 50-inch flat screen to his home computer."I can watch all those same shows as I'd like to watch. When I had cable, I can watch them just directly from the actual computer itself directly through the TV."Josh is one of a growing number of people turning their TV sets into big fancy computer screens.I have at least five to ten customers come on a daily basis, asking how they can hook up their, their desktop computers to, say their, television sets.They’re tapping into services like Hulu.com TV shows. It’s partially owned by a parent company - N Universal. Sites like Pandora provide music. movies options include Netflicks, Blockbuster and a service called VUDU. There are several ways to connect your computer to your TV. This is one of the easiest, an HDMI cable. One end goes into the back of your computer, the other goes straight into the back of your TV.One of the most common questions is about quality."It's great quality. The stream's smooth, so there's no way you will like having wait to afd the buffer out."Josh is so satisfied. He says there is only one way he would ever go back."They made it free too." 88What's up babe?[00:.]Listen and Share[00:.]What's up babe? 宝贝,最近怎么样了?[00:1.]词汇扫描[00:5.]sushi bar 寿司店[00:.57]accent 口音[00:31.9]patron 顾客[00:.97]observe 注意到[00:38.]wasabi 芥辣[00:.]英文原文[00:3.50]Working as a server at a sushi bar,[00:6.6]I saw a customer trying to get my attention.[00:8.38]"What's up, babe?" he asked in a strong eign accent.[00:51.77]"Everything is fine, sir," I replied.[00:53.78]After a while the patron hailed me again,[00:56.58]asking "What's up, babe?" Puzzled and annoyed,[00:59.69]I gave the same reply.[01:01.]Observing this was my supervisor, who called me over.[01:.]"What did that customer ask?" he inquired.[01:.51]When I told him, he smiled.[01:.]"He doesn't want to know how you're doing,"[01:.]my boss said with a laugh. "He's asking wasabi!" [01:.00]中文大意[01:59.]逐句对照[:.76]Working as a server at a sushi bar,[:.58]I saw a customer trying to get my attention.[:.37]"What's up, babe?" he asked in a strong eign accent.[:1.8]"Everything is fine, sir," I replied.[:5.83]After a while the patron hailed me again,[:.73]asking "What's up, babe?"[:35.71]Puzzled and annoyed,[:36.7]I gave the same reply.[:.38]Observing this was my supervisor, who called me over.[:8.7]"What did that customer ask?" he inquired.[:50.70]When I told him, he smiled.[:57.77]"He doesn't want to know how you're doing,"[:59.7]my boss said with a laugh. "He's asking wasabi!" [:.]多学一点[:.]get one's attention 引起某人的注意[:.83]draw attract[:.35]accent 口音[:35.70]British accent American accent[:8.53]I'm an American, but I don't have any accent.[:56.78]accent[:.96]patron 顾客[:.67]customer[:.63]a regular customer 老顾客[:.51]This supermarket has many patrons.[:.]observe 注意到[:.59]watch[:.5]observe[:5.55]watch attentively 特别用心地看[:9.80]He observed the passersby in the street.[:36.1]wasabi 芥辣[:1.7]patron[:6.65]what's up babe?[:53.60]重新听一次故事原文[:56.7]Working as a server at a sushi bar,[:58.]I saw a customer trying to get my attention.[:00.68]"What's up, babe?" he asked in a strong eign accent.[:.91]"Everything is fine, sir," I replied.[:.89]After a while the patron hailed me again,[:.56]asking "What's up, babe?" Puzzled and annoyed,[:.65]I gave the same reply.[:.88]Observing this was my supervisor, who called me over.[:.1]"What did that customer ask?" he inquired.[:18.38]When I told him, he smiled.[:.]"He doesn't want to know how you're doing,"[:.1]my boss said with a laugh. "He's asking wasabi!" [:.73]谢谢收听宝贝,最近怎么样了?我在一个寿司屋当待者一次,我看到一个老顾客跟我打招呼 “最近怎样了,宝贝”,他带着强烈的国外口音问道 “一切都好,先生”,我回答 刚过一会,那名顾客又跟我打招呼,问:“最近怎么样了,宝贝?” 我不知所已的同时又感到很烦,给了他一样的回答 看到这个,我的主管把我叫了过去 “那顾客要什么来着?” 他问 当我告诉他的时候,主管笑了,“他并不想知道你怎么样了”老板笑着说,“他是要青芥辣” 93

1. What is the girl shopping ?A. a present her motherB. a present a friendC. a present her father. How much is the black wallet?A. .95B. .95C. $.953. Why doesnt the girl like the brown wallet?A. There isnt a place to put pictures.B. It too big and heavy.C. She doesnt like the color.. About how much does the girl have to spend?A. .00B. $.00C. $.0. What does the girl decide to buy?A. a black walletB. a brown beltC. a tie 3735

Pink Suit Sale[00:.6]知行英语[00:.8]Listen and Share[00:.18]知行哈哈糖[00:.5]Pink Suit Sale [00:.35]粉红西装卖出去了![00:.]When the store manager[00:1.3]returned from lunch, [00:.78]he noticed his clerk's hand[00:.3]was bandaged, [00:5.6]but bee he could ask[00:7.]about the bandage, [00:.]the clerk said he had[00:9.]some very good news him.[00:31.57]"Guess what, sir?" [00:33.]the clerk said. [00:.01]"I finally sold that terrible, [00:35.71]ugly suit we've had so long!"[00:38.]"Do you mean[00:38.93]that repulsive pink-and-blue[00:0.97]double-breasted thing?"[00:.6]the manager asked.[00:3.99]"That's the one!"[00:5.7]"That's great!"[00:6.71]the manager cried,[00:8.5]"I thought[00:8.88]we'd never get rid of that monstrosity![00:51.]That had to be the ugliest suit[00:53.5]we've ever had![00:55.00]But tell me.[00:55.70]Why is your hand bandaged?"[00:57.7]"Oh," the clerk replied, [01:00.19]"after I sold the guy that suit, [01:.]his guide dog bit me."[01:.8]中文大意[01:51.6]语言点[01:53.]be bandaged[01:56.67]bandage[01:58.57]绷带[:00.68]用绷带包扎[:.99]The surgeon[:.]bandaged up his injured head[:.19]repulsive pink-and-blue[:.]double-breasted thing[:.53]repulsive[:19.87]令人厌恶的,可怕的[:.30]double breasted[:3.9]两排钮扣,双排扣[:6.]Double-breasted Suit[:.33]双排扣西装[:9.9]双襟西装[:36.70]一排钮扣或单排扣[:38.66]single breasted[:.]get rid of that monstrosity[:.53]get rid of[:6.83]摆脱,处理[:53.]We are trying to get rid of the mice[:55.6]in this house[:59.1]He can never get rid of the shadow[:00.68]of the war[:.51]monstrosity[:.8]怪物,畸形的东西[:.5]guide dog[:5.63]知行提示


  Early African American: Jumping the Broom. In the times of slavery in this country, African American couples were not allowed to mally marry and live together. To make a public declaration of their love and commitment, a man and woman jumped over a broom into matrimony, to the beat of drums. The broom has long held significant meaning the various Africans, symbolizing, the start of home - making the newlywed couple. In Southern Africa, the day after the wedding, the bride assisted the other women in the family in sweeping the courtyard, indicating her dutiful willing ness to help her in-laws with housework till the newlyweds could move to their new home. Some African-American couples today are choosing to include this symbolic rite in their wedding ceremony.早期非洲裔美国人:跳扫帚在美国的黑奴时代,黑人男女是不允许正式结婚生活在一起的为了向世人宣布他们的爱情和婚约,一对黑人男女和着鼓声的节奏,一起跳过一把扫帚(扫帚对各种非洲人长期来都具有很重要的意义,因为它意味着新婚夫妇组成家庭的开始在南部非洲,新娘在婚后的第一天要帮助夫家的其他女性清扫院子,以此表明在住进自己的新家前,她愿意尽职地帮助丈夫的家人承担家务劳动)直至今日,一些美国黑人还在他们的婚礼上举行这种象征性的仪式Armenia: Two white doves may be released to signify love and happiness. The bride may dress in red silk and may wear cardboard wings with feathers on her head. Small coins may be thrown at her.亚美尼亚:人们放飞两只白鸽,以示爱情和幸福新娘穿着红色丝绸的装,头戴饰有羽毛的纸翼人们还可向新娘投掷硬币Bermuda: Islanders top their tiered wedding cakes with a tiny sapling. The newlyweds plant the tree at their home, where they can watch it grow, as their marriage grows.百慕大:百慕大岛民在他们的多层婚礼蛋糕的顶层插上一株小树苗,新婚夫妇要将这株树苗种在家中,这样他们可以目睹树苗伴随着他们的婚姻一起长大Bohemia: The groom gives the bride a rosary, a prayer book, a girdle with three keys to guard her virtue, a fur cap, and a silver wedding ring. The bride gives the groom a shirt sewn with gold th blended with colored silks and a wedding ring. Bee the ceremony, the groomsman wraps the groom in the bride cloak to keep evil spirits from creeping in and dividing their two hearts.波黑人:新郎向新娘赠送一串念珠,一本祈祷文,一根上面串着三把钥匙的腰带(用以保护她的贞洁),一顶毛皮帽,一个银的结婚戒指新娘则向新郎赠送一件用金线和色丝绸缝制的衬衣和结婚戒指婚礼前,伴郎将新郎裹进新娘的斗篷里,以防恶魔侵入,拆散他们相爱的心Caribbean: A rich black cake baked with dried fruits and rum is especially popular on the islands of Barbados, Grenada and St. Lucia. The recipe, handed down from mother to daughter. It is considered a ;pound; cake with the recipe calling a pound each of flour, dark brown sugar, butter, cherries, raisins, plus a dozen eggs and flavorings. The dried fruits are soaked in rum and kept in a crock anywhere from two weeks to six months.加勒比地区:在巴巴多斯,格林纳达和圣卢西亚,用干果和朗姆酒制作的味道浓郁的蛋糕十分常见蛋糕的制作方法,由母亲亲手传给女儿,并且各自对其加以修饰人们把这种蛋糕叫作“一磅”蛋糕,因为制作这种蛋糕需要面粉、棕糖、黄油、糖霜樱桃、葡萄干、李子、红醋栗各一磅,加上一打鸡蛋和调味品制作蛋糕的干果要在朗姆酒中浸泡并在瓦罐中保存两个星期至6个月Czech: Friends would sneak into the bride yard to plant a tree, then decorate it with ribbons and painted eggshells. Legend said she would live as long as the tree. Brides in the countryside carry on the very old custom of wearing a wreath of rosemary, which symbolizes remembrance. The wreath is woven each bride on her wedding eve by her friends as a wish wisdom, love, and loyalty.捷克共和国:朋友们溜进新娘的院子去种一棵树,然后再用带和绘的蛋壳将树加以装饰传说新娘将与这树活得一样长乡村的新娘还保留着佩带迷迭香花环的古老习俗,以表怀念之情花环是在婚礼前夕由新娘的朋友编织而成,它象征着智慧、爱情和忠诚Egypt: Families, rather than grooms, propose to the bride. In Egypt, many marriages are arranged. The zaffa, or wedding march, is a musical procession of drums, bagpipes, horns, belly dancers, and men carrying flaming swords. It announces that the marriage is about to begin.埃及:在埃及,由新郎的家人,而不是新郎本人,向新娘求婚许多婚姻还是父母之命,媒妁之言Zaffa,也就是婚礼,其实是一个充满音乐的列队游行,有鼓、风笛、号角及肚皮舞,男人们手持火红的剑这个仪式宣告,婚姻即将开始England: Traditionally, the village bride and her wedding party always walk together to the church. Leading the procession: a small girl strewing, blossoms along the road, so the bride path through life will always be happy and laden with flowers.英格兰:照传统,乡村的新娘和参加婚礼的人们总是一起步行走向教堂一个小姑娘走在队列最前面,她一路抛撒鲜花,预示着新娘一生的道路上也将开满鲜花,永远幸福 18。

  Death threat against octuplets mom The octuplets mom has been getting hundreds of angry phone calls and E-mails. They are only a few weeks old, but these octuplets are aly the center of public outrage. Los Angeles police say they plan to investigate death threats against their mom, Nadya Suleman. The 33-year-old single, unemployed mother has been getting hundreds of angry phone calls and e-mails. The criticism is mostly directed at the public assistance Suleman is getting to care these eight babies as well as these six other children she has conceived through in-vitro fertilization. The big share of that financial burden could fall on the shoulders of Calinia's taxpayers. Suleman tells N’s Today Show she doesn’t consider the public assistance she receives to be welfare and she doesn’t plan to stay on that assistance long.The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates the cost of raising children through age could go up to $.7 million the single mother. Suleman’s publicist says she’s living in an undisclosed location and spends time with all of her kids every day. She says she plans to go back to college in the fall to complete her master’s degree in counseling. The young mom says she’ll use additional student loans to support her children along with the school’s daycare center and volunteers. Suleman says she aly owes 50,000 dollars in student loans.Diane Kepley, the Associated Press. 6938

  U.S. Census, Driving While Texting, as well as versus as long as, change versus alter versus modify versus transmWords:censushousehoestionnairegenderprivacyDriving While Texting (DWT)Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)drunkcrackdownto multitaskas well asas long asto changeto alterto modifyto transm 3767Sugar Sugar休格吃糖Mom took Carol to the stable. Their horse was in the stable. They walked over to Sugar. Sugar was their horse. “Say hello to Sugar,” Mom said. Carol said, “Hello, Sugar.” Mom gave a carrot to Sugar. Sugar ate the carrot. He ate the carrot fast. Mom gave a carrot to Carol. Mom said, “Now, you feed Sugar.” Carol gave the carrot to Sugar. Sugar ate the carrot. “He ate it so fast,” said Carol. Mom said, “Yes, Sugar eats carrots very fast.” Carol said, “We should give him a new name. We should call him Carrot. Why is his name Sugar?” Mom said, “He likes sugar, too. Watch this.” Mom took some sugar cubes out of her pocket. She held them in her hand. She gave them to Sugar. Sugar ate the sugar cubes. He ate them fast. “Let me give some sugar to Sugar,” Carol said.妈妈带卡罗尔来到了马厩他们的马在马厩他们走向休格休格是他们的马妈妈说:“跟休格打个招呼”卡罗尔说:“你好,休格”妈妈给休格喂胡萝卜休格吃了胡萝卜休格吃胡萝卜的速度很快妈妈递给卡罗尔一个胡萝卜妈妈说:“现在,你喂休格”卡罗尔将胡萝卜给休格休格吃了胡萝卜卡罗尔说:“休格吃东西的速度很快”妈妈说:“是的,休格吃东西的速度很快”卡罗尔说:“我们应该给它取个新名字我们应该叫它胡萝卜它的名字为什么叫休格?”妈妈说:“因为它也喜欢吃糖果看这个”妈妈从口袋里拿出了几块方糖她将糖拿在手里她将糖递给休格休格吃了方糖它吃的速度很快卡罗尔说:“让我们喂休格点糖”译文属原创,,不得转载 185

  Robert: OK...well, then how much is one jin?Uranda: Ginseng comes in 6 different grades. It runs from 5,000 to 30,000NT a jin.Robert: 30,000NT ginseng?! Do I have to buy a whole jin?Uranda: You can get a liang if you want. A liang is one-sixteenth of a jin. That would be 330NT.Robert: Whew! That sounds more like my price range. Ill take two liangs.Uranda: Ill have my brother cut some you.参考译文:罗 伯:好……那么一斤是多少钱呢?优兰达:人参有六种等级一斤的价格从五千到三万都有罗 伯:花三万块买人参?!我非得一斤一斤买吗?优兰达:要的话你也可以论两买一两是十六分之一斤,也就是三百三罗 伯:呼!那听来比较符合我的预算我买二两优兰达:我叫我大哥切给你重点词汇:grade (n.)  等级liang (n.)  此指一台两,十六台两为一台斤price range  价格的上下限,此指「花钱的预算」 9iRe^~6|]Q#A-zP(zB*E*s_l|[[tABA*[C@KR#JbBrian sat down dinner. He sat down in the chair. He sat down at the table. He looked at his white plate. He looked at his silver k. He looked at his silver spoon. His dad said, “Pass me your plate, Brian.”His dad put white rice on the plate. His dad put yellow corn on the plate. His dad put green peas on theplate. He gave the plate back to Brian. “This looks delicious,” Brian said. “It is delicious,” his dadsaid. Brian wondered why corn was yellow. He wondered why peas were green. He wondered if there were yellow peas and green corn.z+;JFtQ%kGb3squI^~RllTfATamgfUaH.TGEdWN.6[!_a1l7PhIo9;U^pgZ 3735



  Science Clears Name of ;Patient Zero;科学家为“零号病人”正名An Air Canada flight attendant who was accused of bringing HIV to the US has been cleared by science. Gaetan Dugas was vilified as ;The Man Who Gave Us AIDS; in a New York Post in 1987. The gay man from Quebec, Canada became a scapegoat the epidemic after boasting of having many sexual partners. A new scientific study has officially cleared Dugas name more than thirty years after his death. Scientists used a sophisticated gene sequencing technique to trace the history of HIV in North America. The study found that HIV sp to New York from the Caribbean around 1970 bee sping westward across the US.一位加拿大航空公司的乘务员被指控将艾滋病病毒带到了美国,科学界已经为其澄清了名声1987年纽约邮报的一篇文章称,盖坦·杜加斯是“将艾滋病病毒带往美国”的人这位来自加拿大魁北克的男同性恋在吹嘘拥有多位性伴侣之后,便成为了艾滋病的替罪羊杜加斯死后三十多年,一项新的科学研究正式澄清了他的名声科学家利用一项熟练的基因序列测定技术追踪了北美的艾滋病历史该研究发现艾滋病病毒在传至美国西部之前,大约在1970年就从加勒比海传到了纽约译文属原创,,不得转载 57

  Famous Americans-Nikola Tesla; the Three Stooges; king versus royalty; in an attempt to versus in an eft to; accuracy versus precision Words:telegraph to resign patent x-ray remote controlledphotographic memory eccentric mad scientist penniless stoogeslapstick clumsy king royalty accuracy precision 3998


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