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值得结交的人相处---在事业的每个阶段你身边都有有成就的人,这很重要倍加重视有一个健康的身体---努力提高健康水平,保持精力旺盛Secrets of Self-made1) Successes 1.Dream Big Dreams--How to visualize),imagine and create an exciting picture of prosperity.2.Develop a Clear Sense of Direction--Learn a powerful,proven goal-setting exercise that c an change your life.3.See Yourself as Self-employed--How to take complete control of your career and your life.4.Do What You Love to Do--Identify the ideal work you and then get paid well doing it.5.Commit to Excellence--How to move in to the top %in your field.6.Work Longer and Harder--How to organize your time so you get more done and contribute more value.7.Dedicate Yourself to Lifelong Learning--How to continually upgrade3) your talents and abilities.8.Learn Every Detail of the Business--How to become an expert in your chosen field.9.Dedicate Yourself to Serving Others--The starting point of all personal success and how to beg in.10.Be Absolutely Honest with Yourself and Others--How and why personal integrity) goes hand in hand with success.11.Set Priorities and Concentrate Single-mindedly--The importance of focusing on your most important tasks all day long.12.Develop a Reputation Speed and Dependability5)--How to give yourself the winning edge in everything you do.13.Practice Self-discipline in All Things--Develop the most important quality success.14.Unlock Your Inborn Creativity--Learn how to solve any problem,overcome any obstacle,achieve any goal.15.Get Around the Right People--The importance of surrounding yourself with winners at each stage of your career.16.Take Excellent Care of Your Physical Health--How to develop and maintain high levels of energy and fitness. 81如果你想使一个人快乐,不要增加他的财产,而是要减少他的欲望 The secret of happinessOnce there lived a king of great strength and wealth.Yet he was not happy.He told his servants to find him things to make him happy,but each came back saying,"Noting in the world can match the wonderful things you have aly."Then in that land,there lived a poor man with a patch over one eye and a crutch to help him walk.Although he had little,he was always happy.When the king heard of this,he asked the man to teach him his secret."I never push." the man replied,"and I never rush.Most of all,I never wish too much."Then he smiled and was gone.If you would make a man happy,do not add to his possessions but subtract from his desires. 0190新东方英语900句提高篇53 邮政 -01-7 ::6 来源: Lesson Fifty -three Post 邮政高速下载 邮政 post邮局 post office明信片 post card收 get get a letterreceive receive a letter寄 send send a lettermail mail a letter给某人写信 write (to) sb.收到某人来信 hear from sb.信的分类信件 letter mail航空邮件 airmail air mail平信 regular mail挂号信 registered mail快递 express delivery包裹 package parcel寄包裹 I get a parcel. I send a parcel.I sent a letter yesterday.How did you sent it?By registered mail.I sent a package (to Shanghai) this morning.I received an air mail yesterday.I got a regular mail last week.I heard from my uncle yesterday.I wrote to my Dad today.I wrote to my boss.I’d like to mail this letter to Singapore via airmail.我要把这封信以航空的方式寄到新加坡I’d like to send this letter to the ed States via registeredmail.I’d like to mail this package to Shanghai.I’d like to mail this letter to Japan by regular mail.I'd like to mail this letter to Japan via regular mail.Charles received a package from his parents yesterday.昨天查尔斯收到了他父母寄来的包裹Charles sent a package to his parents yesterday.Charles sent a parcel to his parents yesterday.I wonder if this letter is overweight.我想知道这封信是否超重overweight 超重underweight 分量不足I wonder if you speak English.I wonder if you are Mr. Zhang.I wonder if tomorrow‘s meeting has been canceled or not.I enclosed some pictures in my letter.我在信中附寄了几张照片enclose 附加,附带picture 照片take a pictureI enclose a check in this letter.I enclose a name card in this letter.name card visiting cardThis is my card.I enclose a letter in this package.How long does it take an airmail to get to Manchester?寄往曼彻斯特的航空信得多长时间才能到?Manchester ed 曼联Manchester city 曼城About a month.About half a month.About six months.About half an hour.At least one week.At least one day.At the most 8 hours.At the most days.What does it cost to rent a post office box?租用一个邮政信箱的费用是多少?post office box PO Box 邮政信箱mail box 邮筒I’m always disappointed when I don‘t get any mail.收不到任何信件的时,我总是很失望You make me disappointed. You let me down.let-down 让人失望的人或事This movie is a let-down.This book is a let-down.I’m always angry when I got lots of junk mail.rubbishgarbagee-mail electronic mailjunk mailjunk foodWhat time is the mail delivered on Saturday? The mailman always comes at o?clock.星期六信件什么时候送到?邮递员通常两点钟来what time whenmailman postman 邮差When was the last time Alex wrote you? I just can‘t recall it.上次亚历克斯写信给你是什么时候?我记不清了When was the last time you wrote him?When was the last time they wrote you?When was the last time we wrote her?I haven‘t heard from my aunt one year.我有一年没有收到姑妈的来信了I haven‘t heard from my uncle six monthsI heard from my parents yesterday.I heard from my grandma the day bee yesterday.I feel guilty because I haven‘t written him lately.我感到内疚,因为我最近一直没给他写信lately recentlyI wrote to Dad last night. I couldn‘t put it off any longer.昨晚我给爸爸写信了我不能再拖延了I wrote to my boss. I couldn‘t put it off any longer.I dropped the letter in the mailbox on the corner.我把信投到了街角的邮筒里How did you sign the letter? Did you write ?Sincerely yours你在信上怎样署名的?是写了?你诚挚的?吗?Sincerely yours 私人Very truly yours 公务The rate published materials is cheaper, but it doesn‘t go as quickly as ordinary mail.寄出版物的资费比较便宜,但走得不如普通信件快published material 印刷品How much is the rate?ordinary mail regular mailenvelop 信封red envelop 红包I give my nephew a red envelop.glue 胶水 邮政 提高 英语 新东方

每个人-这个世界上的每一个人都有一个梦想:一种,一种他们对生活的渴望,就是这个渴望推动着他们向前你,我的朋友,在你的内心深处也有一种这样的渴望,它会时而轻声向你呼唤,但有时,它会大声呼喊出来,以便唤起你的醒觉,因为这种渴望来自你的灵魂Hi, welcome to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I'm Faith. It's December, so the most of the year is now behind us. But there's a new year coming up, which will give us time to live, to love, to give, and to make our dreams come true.What kinds of dreams will you turn to reality in your life?Everyone - every person in this world has a Dream a passion, a vision in their life that pulls them and urges them to move ward in life. You, my friend have this vision within you, it "whispers" to you occasionally, but in some cases it cries out. It cries out to be listened to and acted upon because this vision comes from your soul.Within this "Inner Vision" there lies the magic of living your life with passion, fulfillment and purpose. This means being true to who you really are - and living your life on purpose with all the passion and energy you are capable of living.When you live from your inner passions - you'll never have to seek approval from others - you'll "chart your own course" and be the master of your own destiny. More importantly, you'll feel whole, connected and inspired.You're listening to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I'm Faith. Find your inner fire, your sense of purpose; this fire will help you harness strengths you're not even aware you have. Be connected with your inner passions - your Life's Dreams, and live that passion daily. 3889

Spring Fever Peter could no longer remain in doors, not another minute. The beautiful spring days gave him strange feelings. It left him helpless with no control over himself. He took his hat and walked out of his office. Peter kept going until he reached Highland Amusement park. He knew this park;here he had felt the first excitement of love more than 5 years ago. Now he was a married man with a wife and years old boy and he loved them dearly, but it was spring and some-how he felt free as the wind, the way he felt in his twenties when he thought he had the world in his hands. The whole park was over-whelmed by a holiday atmosphere as if life had opened a new road the people. He felt the same way deep down within him. He wanted something to happen to him, something new and different. He thought of his wife knitting her sweater. Billy would be playing his toy or fixing his bicycle. If he had been at home with them, he would be fixing the flower bed and working around the house. But he did not feel that way now. The fever of adventure rose within him. He was carried away by a rebellion against the principle he had respected. Inside the amusement park, he stopped in front a shooting gallery1) and watched the man shoot down white ten ducks and birds. The gallery owner turned to Peter and said:“Come on. Try your luck, win a nice prize your girlfriend. ”Peter laughed. “Ok. Brother. ”He said:“I will try it. ”He picked up a rifle), aimed at the moving ducks and pulled the trigger3) quickly shot after shot, and he won a big doll.He walked away and then he saw a young woman. Without hesitation, Peter held the doll out to her and said, “Pardon me, but would you do me a favour? I feel funny carrying this doll around. So would you mind taking it?It needs a mother. ”The girl shook off her surprise and laughed. “Well. If it embarrasses) you, I suppose there is nothing else I can do.” She accepted the doll and thanked him. “It’s lovely. Where ever did you get it?”“I won it at the shooting gallery. ”He told her and almost without realizing it, he was walking beside her up the path through the park.

小笨霖英语笔记集: 人模人样 -01-7 00::1 来源: 这集的主题为什么叫作人模人样呢? 因为这一集要介绍的都是一些关于人的讲法. 这些用法可以用来介绍自己, 当然也可以用来形容他人. 其中有些蛮有趣的, 因为你不能直接把中文翻成了英文, 例如在英文里你就不能说一个人是 radio station (广播电台), 当然同样的有些字眼英文也很难翻成中文, 例如 "I am straight." (我是直的?) 大家不妨先猜猜看这是什么意思之后再接著往下看.1 He is gay.他是(男)同性恋根据 CNN 最新的统计数据, 同性恋占美国的人口总数已经达到 5%, 再加上在美国这个多元化的社会里, 同性恋是非常公开的, 他们甚至有自己特别的旗帜: 六色旗. 所以他们的影响力实在是不容忽视. 同性恋的说法最普遍的就是 gay, 这可以兼指男同性恋和女同性恋而言. 如果要特地区分男同性恋和女同性恋的话, 则男同性恋用 gay, 而女同性恋则是 lesbian. (中文有人翻 "蕾斯边", 有人翻成"拉子"). 另外还有双性恋, bisexual, 变性人: transsexual. 反串(作异性打扮者) transvestite 或 cross-dresser 都可以算在广义的同性恋团体在内吧! 在美国同性恋多的城市例如纽约, 亚特兰大, 旧金山每年都有所谓的同性恋大游行, 非常热闹, 台湾都还有代表来参加喔!另外 He is a faggot. (fag) 也是指男同性恋的意思, 但是这是非常轻视侮蔑的讲法, 多半用在骂人跟吵架的时候. 请不要随便对同性恋的朋友说, You faggot. 不然到时被人家毒打一顿我可不负责喔!. I am straight.我是异性恋.听到人家说 "I am straight." 不要觉得莫名其妙, 其实 "I am straight." 就是 "I am NOT a gay." 的意思. 但是如果人家是说 "He is straight- acting." 是表示他其实是同性恋, 但是他的行为却跟异性恋无异. 比方说他也照样结婚生子, 这种人可视之为隐性的同性恋. 另外至于同性恋能不能叫 "He is curved?" 我想是不行吧.. ^__^ 正确的说法应该是 "He is homosexual." 或是比较俚语的说法, "He is queer." 这些用语就比较没有轻视的味道在里面, 算是比较中性的讲法.3. She is a ward girl.她是一个很前卫的女孩.ward girl 就是中文里说的很前卫很开放的女孩子, 例如有人主张未婚生子, 你很佩他的勇气, 你就可以说, "She is a ward girl." 另外, ward 也可以形容很积极很有野心的人. 例如有人一心一意想要当上总经理, 你就可以说, "He is a ward person.".He is a vet.他是个兽医.兽医的英文原来是 veterinarian 但是由于这个单字太长了, 以致于很少有人说 veterinarian 他们都直接简称 vet 或是更白话的说法, animal doctorpet doctor. 在美国养是很风行的, 但美国对于养的规定蛮严格的, 出去溜都一定要用链子绑著(leashed), 而且如果有上大号的话, 还要帮它清理乾净, 实在有点人不如的感觉.有时候 vet 还可以代表老兵 veteran 的意思, 但是当 vet 作老兵解释时, 通常会在前面加上军种, 例如, "He is an Army vet." 就是说他是一位自陆军退伍的老兵. Veteran 也常解释成老手的意思, 例如, "He is a veteran basketball player." (他是篮球场上的老鸟.)5. He is a night owlan all nighter他是一个夜猫子二种语言在直接翻译上有其一定的困难. 像是我们说夜猫子, 老美就偏偏要说成夜猫头鹰 night owl. 所以上次老美跟我提到我一个昼伏夜出的同学时就说, "He is a night owl." 或是你也可以用另一个相近的讲法, "He is an all nighter."记得以前刚从学校毕业要入伍役时, 由于以前当夜猫子惯了, 所以对于每天要早上 5:30 起床很不适应. 我有一个同袍说得就蛮好的, "以前在学校的时候只有早上五点半睡觉, 哪有早上五点半起床的?" 说得众人连连点头称是.6. She is an encyclopedia.她就是一套百科全书.通常果你要说一个人知识真的很渊, 你可以说, "He is an encyclopedia." 像有一次我去参观纽约大都会物馆, 我趁乱混在别人的旅行团里听解说, 我发现那个解说员真的是对每一件的作品其典故背景了若指掌, 而这点不只我发现了, 有一个老美也称赞她, "You are an encyclopedia." 还有许多口语一点的讲法来形容见闻丰富的人, 例如:"He is a brain." (他是个才子.) He is a walking library. (他是一座活图书馆.)5. He's so anal.他是个吹毛求 过度的人.Anal 这个字原指的, 但它的意思基本上跟 asshole (脏话!) 相去不远, 所以这算是一句骂人的话. Anal 多半是形容一个人非常吹毛求  (picky), 到了会影响他人的程度. 如洁癖 (neat freak) 就是 anal 的一种, 因为他自己太爱乾净, 却造成别人生活的不便. 当然 anal 主要是用来骂人的, 不过这句话算是骂人的脏话, 没事不要乱用. 有时候老美会在背后拿这句话来骂教授, 但是大家不要有样学样就是了.8. He is a brown-nose.他是个马屁精.马屁精这种用法在办公室应该很常见吧! 凡是喜欢拍别人的人都可以说是 brown-nose. Brown-nose 这个字也可以当动词拍马屁来用, 例如, "He likes to brown-nose his supervisor." (他喜欢拍老板的马屁.) 或是另一个也很口语的讲法, kiss up to somebody. 例如, "I don't like to kiss up to my boss." (我不喜欢拍我老板的马屁.)9. He is a yes-man.他是只应声虫.形容人唯唯诺诺, 对于上级所交代的命令一律从, 凡事都说 YES 的人,就是 yes-man! 我想这句话不难理解, 我第一次听到时我就能立刻了解. 故事是这样的, 有一次有两个女生在谈论她们的男朋友, 其中有一个女生就说了这一句, "My boyfriend is a yes-man.", 我说什么他就作什么, 完全不敢违抗. 对于这种人, 我们还有一种说法, "He is a puppy." 因为我想大家都知道, puppy (小) 就是乖乖的, 你要他干么他就得干么, 你叫它趴下, 它就不敢站起来. 拿 puppy 或 yes man 来形容唯唯是诺的人, 真是太好不过了.. He is narrow-minded.他很小心眼.对于心眼很小, 看不开的人你就可以说他是 narrow-minded 例如有人总是见不得别人好, 你就可以说, "You are narrow-minded." 相对于 narrow-minded 就是 open-minded, 形容心胸宽大, 凡事都很看的开, 但也能指一个人没有先入为主的观念, 能够接受别人的意见. 记得有一次考试时, 教授就对我们说, :"You have to be open-minded." 就是说你们不要有先入为主的观念, 不要太去钻牛角尖 (hair-splitting), 保持心胸的开阔, 这样才能考得好.生活小故事有次去参加了一对新人的婚礼, 真是让我觉的好感动好感动. 但我并不是感动于婚礼本身庄严而又隆重, 也不是感动于的男女双方的海誓山盟, 互许终身. 而是..... 会后的茶点中居然有小笨霖最爱的炒米粉和炸春卷. 不小心一口气就吃了三盘炒米粉说.. 看来小笨霖现在也得到了留学生症候群, 开始想念起台湾夜市的小吃, 卤肉饭, 蚵仔煎, 生炒花枝, 想念菜市场一个六十元的排骨便当.小笨霖 8. 笔记 英语 同性恋 可以

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