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重庆星宸整形美容医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱四川省去痘医院哪家好四川保妥适多少钱 Not necessarily into the brash, bullish, brute image generally associated with Lamborghinis?不那么喜欢通常与兰基尼汽车联系在一起的傲慢、自信和野兽般的形象?Then you’ll love the latest one. Consider if you please the new Hurácan LP 610-4, Lamborghini’s 610-horsepower carbon fiber coupe. Designed as the successor to the iconic Gallardo, it’s considerably more refined than previous offerings from the Italian brand with a fresh new look inspired by the excellent Aventador and refined in a new improved body made of carbon fiber and aluminum. (Translation: It’s lighter with better rigidity!)那么这款最新车型可能符合你的心意。请考虑兰基尼最新款610马力碳纤维双门硬顶跑车——Hurácan LP 610-4。作为典范车型Gallardo的继任者,它比该意大利品牌之前的产品更加讲究;灵感源于非同凡响的Aventador,采用全新外观;车身也得到改进,采用碳纤维和铝合金制造。Hurácan has a mid-mounted 5.2-liter V10 engine that pairs the aforementioned 610 horsepower with 413 pound-feet of torque over all four wheels. It also offers Lamborghini’s first-ever seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission. (Sorry boys, no manual drive available.)Hurácan搭载一个中置5.2升V10引擎,采用四轮驱动系统,最大功率610马力,最大扭矩413磅·英尺。该车还装备了兰基尼首个7速双离合变速箱(不好意思各位,这款车没有手动档版本)。All to say that this car will hit 62mph in 3.2 seconds and has a top speed of more than 200 mph.该车可以在3.2秒内从静止加速至62英里每小时,最高时速超过200英里每小时。Also on offer in the new whip: Standard carbon ceramic brakes, three drive modes and a stop-start technology that improves efficiency. Magnetic shocks and a variable steering system are optional.这款新车的配置还包括:标配碳陶刹车盘、三种驾驶模式以及启停技术(可以减少油耗)。磁流变避震悬挂控制系统以及一个可变传动比动态转向系统是可选配置。And lest you traditionalists wonder, this Lamborghini, too, is named after a famous fighting bull. The bull Huracán of the Spanish Conte de la Patilla breed was known for his outstanding courage and strong sense of attack. He fought in Alicante in August 1879 and according to Lamborghini records showed “unrelenting character” while remaining defiant and invincible, thus entering into the legend of fighting bulls’ history.为免各位传统派人士提出疑问,特意说明一下,这款兰基尼汽车同样以一头著名的斗牛的名字命名。拥有西班牙斗牛Conte de la Patilla血统的Huracán因其非凡的勇气以及强大的攻击意识闻名。根据兰基尼的记录,1879年8月这头斗牛在Alicante战斗时,展示出“永不屈的性格”并始终保持昂扬斗志,因而成为斗牛历史上的一个传奇。Private previews of the car start next month, but look for the live public debut next March at the Geneva Motor Show. I’m not typically the bullish type, but if Hurácan handles anything like its predecessor, we’ll get along just fine.该车的私人预览从下个月开始,不过它将在明年3月的日内瓦车展(Geneva Motor Show)上公开亮相。通常我不是那种爱持乐观看法的人,不过如果Hurácan可以达到其前任的表现,我们将会喜欢它的。 /201401/272498Karim Keshavjee, a Toronto physician and digital health consultant, crunches mountains of data from 500 doctors to figure out how to improve patient treatment. But it’s a frustrating slog to get a computer to decipher all the misspellings, abbreviations, and notes written in unintelligible medical shorthand.卡里姆o科夏瓦杰是多伦多的一名医生和网络健康顾问,他要从500名医生那里反馈的海量数据中总结出怎样才能更好地治疗病人。但是众所周知,医生的“书法”本来就堪比天书,要想让电脑识别出其中的拼写错误和缩写更是难于登天。For example, “smoking information is very hard to parse,” Keshavjee said. “If you the records, you understand right away what the doctor meant. But good luck trying to make a computer understand. There’s ‘never smoked’ and ‘smoking 0.’ How many cigarettes does a patient smoke? That’s impossible to figure out.”比如科夏瓦杰指出:“患者是否吸烟是个很重要的信息。如果你直接阅读病历,你马上就能明白医生是什么意思。但是要想让电脑去理解它,那就只能祝你好运了。虽然你也可以在电脑上设置‘从不吸烟’或‘吸烟0’的选项。但是一个患者每天吸多少烟?这几乎是电脑不可能搞明白的问题。The hype around slicing and dicing massive amounts of data, or big data, makes it sound so easy: Just plug a library’s worth of information into a computer and wait for valuable insights to pour out about how to speed up an auto assembly line, get online shoppers to buy more sneakers, or fight cancer. The reality is much more complicated. Data is inevitably “dirty” thanks to obsolete, inaccurate, and missing information. Cleaning it up is an increasingly important and overlooked job that can help prevent costly mistakes.由于宣传报道把大数据吹得神乎其神,因此很多人可能觉得大数据用起来特别简单:只要把相当于一整个图书馆的信息插到电脑上,然后就可以坐在一边,等着电脑给出精辟见解,告诉你如何提高自动生产线的生产效率,如何让网购者在网上购买更多的运动鞋,或是如何治疗癌症。但事实远远比想象复杂得多。由于信息会过时、不准确和缺失,因此数据不可避免地也有“不干净”的时候。如何把数据变“干净”是一个越来越重要但又经常被人忽略的工作,但它可以防止你犯下代价高昂的错误。Although techniques are improving all the time, scrubbing data can only accomplish so much. Even when dealing with a relatively tidy set of information, getting useful results can be arduous and time-consuming.虽然科技一直都在进步,但是人们在净化数据上能想到的法子并不多。即便是处理一些相对较“干净”的数据,要想获得有用的结果往往也是件费时费力的事情。“I tell my clients that the world is messy and dirty,” said Josh Sullivan, a vice president at business consulting firm Booz Allen who handles data crunching for clients. “There are no clean data sets.”思艾伦咨询公司(Booz Allen)副总裁约什o沙利文说:“我对我的客户说,这是个混乱肮脏的世界,没有完全干净的数据集。”Data analysts start by looking for information that’s out of the norm. Because the volume of data is so huge, they typically hand the job over to software that automatically sifts through numbers and text to look for anything unusual that needs further review. Over time, computers can improve their accuracy in spotting what’s belongs and what doesn’t. They can also better understand what words and phrases mean by clustering similar examples together and then grading their interpretations for accuracy.数据分析师一般喜欢先寻找非常态的信息。由于数据量太巨大,他们一般都会把筛选数据的工作交给软件来完成,来寻找是否有些反常的东西需要进一步检查。随着时间的推移,电脑筛选数据的精确性也会提高。通过对类似案例进行分类,它们也会更好地了解一些词语和句子的含义,然后提高筛选的精确性。“The approach is easy and straightforward, but training your models can take weeks and weeks,” Sullivan said.沙利文说:“这种方法简单直接,但‘训练’你的模型可以需要一周又一周的时间。”A constellation of companies offer software and services for cleaning data. They range from technology giants like IBM IBM -0.24% and SAP SAP 0.12% to big data and analytics specialists like Cloudera and Talend Open Studio. A legion of start-ups are also trying to get a toehold as data janitors including Trifacta, Tamr, and Paxata.有些公司也提供了用来净化数据的软件和务,其中既包括像IBM和SAP一样的科技巨头,也包括Cloudera和Talend开放工作室从事等大数据和分析的专门机构。一大批创业公司也想争当大数据的看门人,其中有代表性的包括Trifacta、Tamr和Paxata等。Healthcare, with all its dirty data, is one of the toughest industries for big data technology. Electronic health records make medical information increasingly easy to dump into computers, but there’s still a lot room for improvement before researchers, pharmaceutical companies and hospital business analysts can slice and dice all the information they want.由于“不干净”的数据太多,医疗业被认为是大数据技术最难搞定的行业之一。虽然随着电子病历的普及,将医疗信息输入电脑的难度已经变得越来越低,但是研究人员、制药公司和医疗业分析人士要想把他们需要的数据尽情地拿来分析,在数据上要提高的地方还有很多。Keshavjee, the doctor and CEO of InfoClin, a health data consulting firm, spends his days trying to tease out ways to improve patient treatment by sifting through tens of thousands of electronic medical records. Obstacles pop up all the time.健康数据咨询公司InfoClin的医生兼CEO科夏瓦杰花了很多时间,希望数以万计的电子医疗病历中筛选有用的数据,以提高对病人的诊疗水平。但他们在筛选的过程中却不断遇到阻碍。Many doctors neglect to note a patient’s blood pressure in their medical records, something that no amount of data cleaning can fix. Simply determining what ails patients—based on what’s in their files—is surprisingly difficult for computers. Doctors may enter the proper code for diabetes without clearly indicating whether it’s the patient who has the disease or a family member. Or they may just enter “insulin” without mentioning the underlying diagnosis because, to them, it’s obvious.很多医生在病历中没有记录病人的血压,这个问题是无论哪种数据净化方法都修复不了的。光凭借现有病历的信息去判断病人得了什么病对电脑来说就已经是一项极其困难的任务。医生在输入糖尿病编号的时候,可能忘了清楚地标注究竟是患者本人得了糖尿病,还是他的某个家人得了糖尿病。又或许他们光是输入了“胰岛素”三个字,而没有提到患者得了什么病,因为这对他们来说是再明显不过的事情。Physicians also use a lot of idiosyncratic shorthand for medications, illnesses and basic patient details. Deciphering it takes a lot of head scratching for humans and is nearly impossible for a computer. For example, Keshavjee came across one doctor who used the abbreviation”gpa.” Only after coming across a variation, “gma,” did he finally solve the puzzle—they were shorthand for “grandpa” and “grandma.”医生用来诊断、开药和填写病人基本信息时会大量用到一套独特的速记字体。即使让人类来破解它也要大为头痛,而对于电脑基本上是不可能完成的任务。比如科夏瓦杰提到有个医生在病历中写下“gpa”三个字母,让他百思不得其解。好在他发现后面不远处又写着“gma”三字,他才恍然大悟——原来它们是爷爷(grandpa)和奶奶(grandma)的缩写。“It took a while to figure that one out,” he said.科夏瓦杰说:“我花了好半天才明白它们到底是什么意思。”Ultimately, Keshavjee said one of the only ways to solve the problem of dirty data in medical records is “data discipline.” Doctors need to be trained to enter information correctly so that cleaning up after them is less of a chore. Incorporating something like Google’s helpful tool that suggests how to spell words as users type them would be a great addition for electronic medical records, he said. Computers can learn to pick out spelling errors, but minimizing the need is a step in the right direction.科夏瓦杰认为,解决数据“不干净”的终极方法之一是要给病历制定一套“数据纪律”。要训练医生养成正确录入信息的习惯,这样事后净化数据时才不至于乱得一团糟。科夏瓦杰表示,谷歌有一个很有用的工具,可以在用户进行输入时告诉他们如何拼写生僻字,这样的工具完全可以添加到电子病历工具中。电脑虽然可以挑出拼写错误,但是让医生摒弃不良习惯才是朝着正确的方向迈出了一步。Another of Keshavjee’s suggestions is to create medical records with more standardized fields. A computer would then know where to look for specific information, reducing the chance of error. Of course, doing so is not as easy as it sounds because many patients suffer from multiple illnesses, he said. A standard form would have to be flexible enough to take such complications into account.科夏瓦杰的另一个建议是,在电子病历中设置更多标准化的域。这样电脑就会知道到哪里去找特定的信息,从而减少出错率。当然,实际操作起来并没有这么简单,因为很多病人同时身患好几种疾病。因此,一个标准的表格必须拥有足够的灵活性,把这些复杂情况全部考虑进去。Still, doctors would need to be able to jot down more free-form electronic notes that could never fit in a small box. Nuance like why a patient fell, for example, and not just the injury suffered, is critical for research. But software is hit and miss in understanding free-form writing without context. Humans searching by keyword may do a better job, but they still inevitably miss many relevant records.但是出于诊疗的需要,医生有时需要在病历上记下一些自由行文的东西,这些内容肯定不是一个小格子能装得下的。比如一个患者为什么会摔倒,如果不是受伤导致的,那么原因就非常重要。但是在没有上下文的条件下,软件对于自由行文的理解只能用撞大运来形容。筛选数据的时候,如果人们用关键词搜索的话可能会做得更好些,但这样也难免会漏掉很多有关的记录。Of course, in some cases, what appears to be dirty data, really isn’t. Sullivan, from Booz Allen, gave the example the time his team was analyzing demographic information about customers for a luxury hotel chain and came across data showing that teens from a wealthy Middle Eastern country were frequent guests.当然,在有些案例中,有些看起来不干净的数并不是真的不干净。思艾伦咨询公司副总裁沙利文举例说,有一次他的团队为一家豪华连锁酒店分析顾客的人口统计数据,突然发现,数据显示一个富有的中东国家的青少年群体是这家酒店的常客。“There were a whole group of 17 year-olds staying at the properties worldwide,’ Sullivan said. “We thought, ‘That can’t be true.’ “沙利文回忆道:“有一大群17岁的青少年在世界各地都住这家酒店,我们以为:‘这肯定不是真的。’”But after some digging, they found that the information was, in fact, correct. The hotel had legions of young customers that it didn’t even realize were there, and had never done anything to market to them. All guests under 22 were automatically logged as “low-income” in the company’s computers. Hotel executives had never considered the possibility of teens with deep pockets.但做了一些挖掘工作后,他们发现这个信息其实是正确的。这家酒店有大量的青少年顾客,甚至连酒店自己也没有意识到,而且酒店也没有针对这部分顾客做过任何促销和宣传。所有22岁以下的顾客都被这家公司的电脑自动列入“低收入”群体,酒店的高管们也从来没有考虑过这些孩子的腰包有多鼓。“I think it’s harder to build models if you don’t have outliers,” Sullivan said.沙利文说:“我认为如果没有离群值的话,构建模型会更难。”Even when data is clearly dirty, it can sometimes be put to good use. Take the example, again, of Google’s spelling suggestion technology. It automatically recognizes misspelled words and offers alternative spellings. It’s only possible because Google GOOG -0.34% has collected millions and perhaps billions of misspelled queries over the years. Instead of garbage, the dirty data is an opportunity.即便有时数据明显不干净,它有时依然能派上大用场。比如上文提到的谷歌(Google)的拼写纠正技术。它可以自动识别拼写错误的单词,然后提供替代拼写。这个工具之所以有这样神奇的功用,是因为谷歌在过去几年中已经收集了几亿甚至几十亿个拼写错误的词条。因此不干净的数据也可以变废为宝。Ultimately, humans, and not machines, draw conclusions from the data they crunch. Computers can sort through millions of documents, but they can’t interpret the findings. Cleaning data is just one of step in a long trial and error process to get to that point. Big data, for all its hype about its ability to lift business profits and help humanity, is a big headache.最终,从大数据中获得结论的是人而不是机器。电脑虽然可以整理几百万份文件,但它并不能真的解读它。数据净化就是为了方便人们从数据中获取结论而反复试错的过程。尽管大数据已被奉为能提高商业利润、能造福全人类的神器,但它也是个很让人头痛的东西。“The idea of failure is completely different in data science,” Sullivan said. “If you they don’t fail 10 or 12 times a day to get to where they should be, they’re not doing it right.”沙利文指出:“失败的概念在数据科学中完全是另一回事。如果我们每天不失败10次或12次来试错,它们就不会给出正确的结果。” /201407/312874重庆去卧蚕眼手术要多少钱

四川重庆星宸医院吸脂手术多少钱One slips on so-so earnings – only bn in quarterly profits. The other jumps 3 per cent on a deal that will hurt its bottom line. It isn’t hard to see that the latter, Lenovo, has more market momentum than Samsung Electronics. Both make consumer electronics and tech hardware, from Lenovo’s new server business to Samsung’s chips. Might Lenovo become the next Samsung?一只股票因企业盈利表现一般而下滑——季度利润只有70亿美元。另一只股票则因一笔将会损害公司利润的交易而上涨3%。不难看出,后者——联想(Lenovo)比三星电子(Samsung Electronics)的市场势头更强劲。从联想的新务器业务,到三星的芯片业务,两家公司都生产消费者电子产品和科技硬件。联想会成为下一个三星吗?On a size basis, the comparison is still a bit ridiculous. Samsung’s market capitalisation is 0bn; Lenovo’s, bn. Samsung’s profits last quarter were 10 times Lenovo’s for the past year. Still, Lenovo’s deal this week to buy IBM’s X86 server business demonstrates that it still has the ambition it showed when it bought Big Blue’s PC business in 2004.从规模上看,这样的比较仍有些可笑。三星的市值是1600亿美元;联想则是140亿美元。三星在最近一个季度的利润是联想过去一年利润的10倍。不过,联想近日收购IBM x86务器业务的交易表明,它仍具备其2004年收购“蓝色巨人”个人电脑业务时所展现的雄心壮志。The relatively low price paid – half of sales – reflects the IBM unit’s swing into loss last year. The business will knock about 5 per cent off Lenovo’s full-year earnings per share, including the slight dilution from the shares issued to IBM. The shares’ rise suggests that investors think it can use its lower cost structure to lift profits.相对低廉的收购价格(相当于销售额的一半),反映了IBM该项业务去年陷入亏损。该业务将令联想的全年每股盈利削减5%,包括向IBM发行股票后造成的轻微稀释。股价上涨表明,投资者认为联想能以相对较低的成本结构来提高利润。Investors like bold tech stories. Samsung’s success was not born of timidity either. It has never bought in growth as Lenovo has, but has taken risks to move up the value chain. One of the reasons for its unexpectedly poor earnings in the latest quarter was a Won800bn (8m) bonus paid to employees to mark the 20th anniversary of a strategy. Back then its chairman made a bonfire of 150,000 mobile phones – worth m – to make the point he wanted better. Now Samsung is trying to push into software – a challenge for a company staffed by hardware engineers.投资者喜欢大胆的科技企业故事。三星的成功也并非来自怯懦。它从没有像联想那样通过收购来实现增长,但它曾冒风险向价值链上游转移。三星在最近一个季度意料之外的利润下滑,其中一个原因是它向员工付了8000亿韩元(合7.38亿美元)的奖金,以庆祝其20年前实施的一项战略。当时三星主席将15万部手机(总值5000万美元)付之一炬,以此表达他期望打造更好产品的决心。现在三星正试图打入软件领域——对一家由硬件工程师组成的公司来说是个挑战。Samsung’s shares have risen 20 per cent a year, compounded, for the past two decades. Should Lenovo follow suit, it will take it a little over a decade to reach Samsung’s present size.过去20年里,三星股价年均复合上涨20%。联想若能实现同样的成就,它将需要10年多一点的时间达到三星目前的规模。Lenovo has momentum on its side. But can it sustain profit growth on a foundation of low-cost manufacture of commodity hardware? Samsung invested aggressively to acquire an enduring competitive advantage – scale – in chips, and from there built a hugely profitable premium phone business. Lenovo needs to find a similar edge.势头对联想有利,但它能否以低成本制造平价商品化的硬件为基础,维持利润增长?三星通过大举投资,获得了芯片领域的持久竞争优势——规模,在此基础上建立了一个利润丰厚的高端手机业务。联想需要找到类似的竞争优势。 /201401/274448重庆星宸整形医院整形科割双眼皮 President Barack Obama has urged the US communications regulator to ban internet “fast lanes” and reclassify broadband service as a public utility, sparking outrage among cable and telecoms groups.巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)总统敦促美国电信监管机构禁止设立互联网“快车道”,并将宽带务重新定义为公共务,此举激起有线电视和电信企业的强烈不满。Mr Obama weighed in for the first time with specific recommendations for the Federal Communications Commission, which is revising its definition of “net neutrality” – the principle that all internet traffic be treated equally.这是奥巴马首次介入此问题,并对联邦通信委员会(Federal Communications Commission,简称FCC)提出明确的建议。FCC正在修改“网络中立”原则(即所有互联网流量都应得到同等对待)的定义。His intervention follows a flood of opposition to the agency’s latest proposals, which have prompted 4m comments to the FCC. Its plan would allow internet service providers to charge services like YouTube to reach customers at higher speeds, though only on “commercially reasonable” terms. That sparked uproar among consumer groups and companies like Netflix, another target of such charges.此前,FCC最新的建议招致抗议浪潮,收到的留言和多达400万条。该机构的方案将允许互联网务提供商对YouTube等务收费,以便让这些务以更快的速度到达消费者,尽管这样做必须按照“合理的商业”条款。这激起了消费者团体和Netflix等企业的强烈愤慨,Netflix是此类收费的另一个目标。Joining consumer groups and technology companies like Google and Facebook, Mr Obama said there should be a ban on paid prioritisation that would technically allow internet service providers to charge content companies like Netflix for a higher-speed service.奥巴马站在了消费者团体和谷歌(Google)、Facebook等科技企业一边,表示应该禁止“收费优先”,“收费优先”将允许互联网务提供商对Netflix等内容商收费,以换取为后者提供更快速度的务。“Simply put: no service should be stuck in a ‘slow lane’ because it does not pay a fee,” Mr Obama said. “That kind of gatekeeping would undermine the level playing field essential to the internet’s growth.”“简言之:任何务都不应因为没有交费而被卡在‘慢车道’里,”奥巴马表示,“这种收取买路钱的行为将损害对互联网的发展至关重要的公平环境。”His comments triggered a sell-off in shares of cable companies, which are among the biggest providers of broadband internet.他的言论引发了一轮有线电视股抛售,这些企业是宽带务的主要提供者。Comcast, the world’s biggest cable operator, fell 4.3 per cent, while Time Warner Cable was off 5 per cent. Comcast is seeking regulators’ approval for a takeover of TWC.世界最大有线电视运营商康卡斯特(Comcast)的股价应声下跌4.3%,时代华纳有线(Time Warner Cable)股价下跌了5%。康卡斯特正在争取监管者批准其收购时代华纳有线。Comcast, whose executives have been prominent donors to Mr Obama, and telecoms groups such as Verizon have vigorously opposed the president’s idea that the FCC should reclassify consumer broadband service as a public utility.康卡斯特和Verizon等电信企业都强烈反对总统关于FCC应将消费者宽带务重新定义为公共务的想法。前者的高管一直是奥巴马的重要金主。 /201411/341780重庆市鼻部除皱价格

重庆星宸整形美容减肥瘦身多少钱 Chinese smartphone users are taking to mobile ecommerce more quickly than they were expected to, creating a boom for mobile internet companies, writes Charles Clover.中国的智能手机用户接受移动端电子商务的速度比预想得更快,使移动互联网公司得到了快速发展。Alibaba, one of the biggest beneficiaries, said on Wednesday that its mobile revenues had climbed 10-fold in the three months to June 30 – from Rmb240m in the second quarter of 2013 to Rmb2.4bn (1m).最大的受益者之一阿里巴巴(Alibaba)周三表示,截至6月30日的3个月内,其移动端收入增长了9倍,从2013年第二季度的2.4亿元人民币增至24亿元人民币(合3.91亿美元)。Almost 500m of Chinese internet users say they have accessed the internet using smartphones, which are very cheap in China, some costing as low as . Experts say this figure is destined to rise rapidly as China has 900m mobile phone users, many of whom still have not entered the 3G or 4G era.中国有几乎5亿网民称自己用智能手机上网。智能手机在中国非常便宜,有些机型的价格低至70美元。专家称,中国有9亿手机用户,其中许多人还没有踏入3G或4G时代,用智能手机上网的人数注定会快速上升。Overall, mobile internet revenues in China doubled year on year in the second quarter of 2014, from Rmb21bn to Rmb44bn, according to a study published by iResearch, a Beijing-based internet consultancy. It said that half of the Rmb44bn was from mobile shopping.根据位于北京的互联网咨询公司艾瑞咨询集团(iResearch)发布的研究报告,总体上,中国2014年第二季度的移动互联网收入同比增长了1倍,从210亿元人民币增至440亿元人民币。报告称,440亿元人民币的收入的一半来自移动端网购。Wang Xiaoxin, a mobile ecommerce expert at Analysys EnfoDesk, said the rapid growth is a sign of the market’s growing maturity. Online retailers are targeting its “immense potential”. He said discounts and promotional activities are drawing in more consumers.易观智库(Analysys EnfoDesk)的移动电子商务专家王小星表示,快速增长是市场日渐成熟的表现。在线零售商正瞄准这个市场的“巨大潜力”。他说,折扣和促销活动吸引了更多消费者。Alibaba declined to comment, but has said it expects “mobile monetisation rates will continue to approach the rates we realise on our personal computer interfaces”.阿里巴巴拒绝置评,但表示其预计“移动商业化比率(译注:移动营收占总成交额的比例)将持续接近我们在个人电脑界面上实现的比率”。 /201409/325005重庆星辰整形美容医院治疗狐臭多少钱重庆吸脂手术



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