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重庆假体隆鼻重庆割双眼皮费用希腊一名33岁的女士最近老是抱怨头疼,医生检查后发现,原来是一只蜘蛛在这名女士的耳朵中安营扎寨Spider1)Finds Home in a Woman's Ear An Athens) doctor who examined a 33-year-old woman after she complained of headaches,removed a spider that had made its home in her ear.The patient,after the doctor removed the spider,got fine again and suffered no injury from the incident.The doctor said,“The woman drove a motorcycle and she had suddenly felt a strange feeling in her ear.It appears this was the time the spider entered her ear,and because the temperature is ideal3) there,the spider stayed. 186重庆星辰去痘印多少钱 倘若所有的星星消失或者消亡,我应该学会仰望空荡的天空,同时感受天空一片漆黑的崇高,虽然这样可能要花费一点时间 The More Loving One W.H.AudenLooking up at the stars, I know quite well That, all they care, I can go to hell, But on earth indifference is the least We have to d from man or beast. How should we like it were stars to burn With a passion us we could not return? If equal affection cannot be, Let the more loving one be me. Admirer as I think I am Of stars that do not give a damn, I cannot, now I see them ,say I missed one terribly all day. Were all stars to disappear or die I should learn to look at an empty sky And feel its total dark sublime, Though this might take me a little time. 989悲伤时“sad”英语怎么表达 -- :53: 来源: 真让人失望! What a disappointment! I didnt get a raise. What a disappointment! (没有给我提薪,真让人失望!) That too bad. (太遗憾了) What a let down! Im disappointed with it. This is disappointing.(这真令人扫兴) 太遗憾了! What a pity! I couldnt go. (我没去成) What a pity. (太遗憾了) What a shame! What a shame! (多倒霉!) Isnt it though? (就是呀!) What a bummer! Bummer! *口语中用来表示事情的进展不像自己所想象的那样 Too bad! (太糟糕了) I failed the exam. (我考砸了) Too bad. (太糟糕了) That too bad! 白费力了 It was a waste of eft. *waste amp;浪费amp;、amp;白搭amp;,eft表示amp;努力amp;、amp;费尽力气amp; It was a waste of my eft. My eft was wasted. All my eft went down the drain. 白费劲 a wild-goose chase *wild goose表示amp;过路的大雁amp;,chase意为amp;追赶amp;会话中常用 Did you find him. (你找到他了吗?) No, he led me on a wild-goose chase. (没有,白费了半天劲) 前功尽弃 All that nothing. *事情进展得不那么顺利时,表示amp;我费了那么大的劲儿,我作出了那么多的努力,可是amp;amp;amp; It was all a waste. It was all nothing. 你真让我失望 You let me down. Im sorry I didnt come to your wedding. (对不起,我没能参加你的婚礼) Yeah, you let me down. (是啊,我很失望) You disappointed me. 我真失策 I blew it. *常用俚语,表示amp;失败amp;、amp;失策amp;、amp;干了一件蠢事amp; I blew it. I lost the customer. (我真失策,失去了那个客户) Make sure it doesnt happen again. (再也不要发生这样的事了) I screwed up. I messed up. (我给搞砸了) It all my fault. (全都是我的错) 毫无办法 It cant be helped. There nothing you can do about it. (这事一点儿办法都没有) 纯属浪费时间 It a waste of time. How was it? (怎么样?) It was a waste of time talking to him. (跟他谈话,纯属浪费时间) 差不多了! Almost! *用来表示几乎就要成功了 Almost! (差不多了!) Nice try. (干得不错) 我感到悲伤 I feel sad. What wrong? (怎么了?) I feel sad. (我感到悲伤) Im sad. Im unhappy. 我感到非常痛苦 I feel really sad. Im really sad. Im really unhappy. 哦!天哪! Oh, dear! My dog died. (我的死了) Oh, dear! (哦!天哪!) Oh, my! Alas! *旧的说法 呜呜! Boohoo. *用在大声哭泣时,呜呜地哭 我的心都碎了 My heart broke. I felt heart broken. 我的内心充满了悲伤 My heart has been filled with grief. *be filled with... 表示amp;充满amp;amp;amp;,grief 表示amp;极度悲伤amp;、amp;悲叹amp; 那悲惨的故事使我心情抑郁 The sad story depressed me. *depress 表示amp;使消沉,使沮丧amp; The sad story really brought me down. *bring...down amp;使amp;amp;灰心丧气amp; 真无情! How ruthless! She stole my customer. (她抢走了我的客人) How ruthless! (真残忍!) How uncaring! How cruel! 没人能知道我的感受 No one can understand how I really feel. Please talk to me. (请跟我说说吧) No one can understand how I really feel. (没人能明白我的真实感受) No one can relate to me. Nobody understands my feelings. 寂寞 我感到很寂寞 I feel lonely. I feel lonely without my husband. (丈夫不在,我感到很寂寞) Hell be back next week. (他下个星期就会回来) Im lonely. I feel all alone. 我讨厌孤独 I hate being alone. 我不在乎孤独 I dont mind being alone. 我想念你 I miss you. *miss 表示amp;因某人不在而觉得寂寞amp;,I miss you含有I want to see you(我想见到你)和I want to be with you(我想和你在一起)这两种心情 I miss you. (我想念你) I miss you, too. Ill be home soon. (我也想你,我马上就会回去的) I feel lonely without you. I feel helpless without you. (没有你,我感到无助) 我觉得空荡荡的 I feel empty. *empty表示amp;缺少内容的,缺乏价值的,没有意义的amp; My son died, now I feel empty. (我儿子去世了,我心里空荡荡的) Im sorry to hear that. (真是太不幸了) I feel incomplete. *incomplete(不完全的)在这里表示amp;内心不充实amp;的状态,比I feel empty.更强调空虚 我的生活很空虚 My life is empty. My life is meaningless. (我的人生毫无意义) Im all alone in this world. (在这个世界上我总是孤独的) I dont feel satisfied with my life. (我对我的生活并不满意) 最终只剩下了我一个人 Alone at last. Im finally alone. 郁闷、忧郁 我很沮丧 Im depressed. Im depressed. I lost my job. (我很沮丧,因为我失去了工作) Cheer up! Youll get a new job. (打起精神来!你一定能找到新工作) I feel blue. I feel low. I feel really down. 我今天感到很忧郁 Ive got the blues today. *blue表示amp;忧郁的amp;,blues表示amp;郁闷,忧郁症amp; I feel down in the dumps today. 这真让人沮丧 It depressing. No one understands me. It depressing. (没人能理解我,真让人泄气) Dont talk like that! I understand you. (别那样说,我理解你) It sad. (真可悲) It makes me feel depressed. (这使我感到闷闷不乐) 雨天使我感到消沉 Rainy days get me down. Rainy days make me sad. I feel blue on rainy days. 我提不起精神来做事 I dont feel like doing anything. I dont feel like doing anything today. (我今天什么都不想干) Come on! Let get moving. (好了好了,咱们赶快点儿吧) I dont have any enthusiasm life. (这辈子没什么能让我提起兴趣来) 他满脸忧愁 He looks melancholy. He has a melancholy look. 今天,他看上去很郁闷 He looks gloomy today. *gloomy 常用来形容amp;(天气等的)阴沉沉的amp;,在此表示amp;烦闷、忧郁的感觉amp; 断念、绝望 放弃了投降了 I give up. Let play another game. (我们再玩另一个游戏吧) Youre too good me. I give up. (你也玩得太好了,我不玩了I fold. *用于玩扑克时 I raise you $. ([玩牌时的]再加美元) I fold. (我不玩了) I give in. 没法子 I cant help it. *当带有can时,help表示amp;避开amp;、amp;抑制amp;、amp;控制amp;,所以I cant help it 表示amp;不得不这样做amp;、amp;无法回避amp; You should stop smoking. (你该戒烟了) I cant help it. (戒不了啊) There nothing I can do about it. 没戏 Not a chance! *用于没有可能性时 Would you lend me ¥5,000? (你能借给我5000日元吗?)) Not a chance! (没戏) No chance at all. Fat chance. No way. (根本不可能) *否定语气,非常强烈,是不礼貌的说法 毫无办法 That the way it goes. The game is canceled because of the rain. (因为下雨所以比赛取消了) That the way it goes. (没办法呀) 毫无线索 I have no clue. *clue 表示amp;线索amp;、amp;头绪amp; Do you know who stole it? (你知道是谁偷的吗?) I have no clue. (毫无线索) I dont have any idea. I dont have a clue. I havent a clue. 我认输了 Im throwing in the towel. *throw in the towel原是拳击用语,日常会话时常用来表示amp;认输amp; Ill never win. Im throwing in the towel. (我赢不了你,我认输了) Dont give up so early. (别那么快就认输) Im giving up. 绝望了 It hopeless. It hopeless. (没希望了) Dont give up yet. (别灰心!) It impossible. 总比没有强 Better than nothing. *句子开头的It被省略 I only have five dollars. (我只有5美元) Well, it better than nothing. (可总比没有强吧) 这就是命运呀! It was fate. *fate amp;逃脱不了的命运,注定的命运amp; How did you meet? (你们怎么认识的?) It was fate. (这就是命运呀!) It was meant to be. It my destiny. 都已经过去了 It history. *表示amp;已经没有了amp;、amp;是过去的事了amp; I thought you loved him. (我想你很爱他) We broke up. It history. (我们分手了,一切都成为过去了) It all over. It in the past. It done with. 这可难倒了我不知道 It beats me. What the answer? (是什么?) It beats me. (不知道) I have no idea. I dont know. 除此之外我别无选择 I have no other choice but to do so. Why are you doing it? (你为什么做这样的事呢?) I have no other choice but to do so. (除此之外我别无选择) I have no other choice. (我没有别的选择) It my only choice. I have to. (我不得不做) 我已经不再留恋这个公司了 I no longer feel devoted to this company. *devote 表示amp;把(努力、金钱、时间等)贡献、花费在(工作、目的上)amp; I no longer feel attached to this company. (我已经感觉不到这个公司的对我的引吸力) I dont feel loyal to this company any longer. (我再也不会对这个公司忠心耿耿的了) 果不其然 That figures. We have to work overtime again. (我们还得再加班) That figures. (果不其然) That makes sense. No wonder. (不足为奇) That explains it. That why. (怪不得) 正如我所想像的那样 It is just as I imagined. What do you think? (你认为如何?) It is just as I imagined. (正如我所想像的那样) It just like I dreamed. It exactly the way I thought it would be. 瞧,我早跟你说过吧! See, didnt I tell you so? I shouldnt have done that. (我真不该做那事) See, didnt I tell you so? (瞧,我不早告诉你了吗?) See, I told you! I told you, didnt I? See, Im right. (瞧,我是对的吧) You should have listened to me. (你早该听我的) 那是当然的 Good you. I lost. (我输了) Good you. (这是当然的) 报应!活该 Serves you right. *serve...right 短语,表示amp;当然的报应amp; I got a speeding ticket. (我超速挨罚了) Serves you right. (活该!) Well, you got what you deserved. Well, thatll teach you a lesson. That serves you right. You deserve it. You asked it. You were asking it. You got what was coming to you. 很难说世事难料 You never know. Ill never win the lottery. (我肯定中不了奖) You never know. (很难说) Anything could happen. (什么事都可能发生) You cant be too sure. (什么事都可能发生) 不足为奇没什么奇怪的 No wonder. She tired. (她累了) No wonder. (这不足为奇) That makes sense. *make sense amp;合乎道理amp;、amp;理所当然amp; It makes sense. Ah, I get it. (啊,知道) 难怪amp;amp; That why... She very busy. (她非常忙) That why she so tired. (难怪她会很累) 后悔 我真不该那样 I shouldnt have done it. *用amp;shouldnt have 过去分词amp;表示类似责备或斥责的心情,amp;不该amp;amp;amp;、amp;要是没amp;amp;amp; Oh, no! I shouldnt have done it. (哦,不!我要是不那样就好了) What did you do? (你干什么了?) That was a mistake. (那是一个错误) I blew it. (我失败了) I wish I hadnt done that. I really screwed up this time. (这次我真的给弄糟了) I really messed up. (我给搞糟了) I should have known better. (我早该弄清楚一些) 我要是不说那话就好了 I shouldnt have said that. *用于说了不该说的话时 I shouldnt have said that. (我要是不说那话就好了) It too late now. (现在后悔也晚了) I wish I wouldnt have said that. 我早该知道了 I should have known. He married. (他已经结婚了) I should have known. (我早该知道了) I acted like a fool. I should have known better. (我早该弄清楚了) 做那种事,我也太不小心了 It was careless of me to do so. *careless 表示amp;没注意的amp;、amp;漫不经心的amp;、amp;粗心大意的amp; It was thoughtless of me to do such a thing. It was hasty of me to do so. I was careless. (我太粗心大意了) 我后悔我做的事 I regret doing that. I regret doing that. (我后悔我做的事) I know what you mean. (我明白你的意思) I regret my action(s). I repent my action(s). I am sorry what I have done. 我别无选择 I had no choice. Why did you drive my car? (你为什么开我的车?) I had no choice. (我别无他法) I couldnt help it. I had no other choice. I had no choice in the matter. There was nothing else I couldnt have done. It was my only choice. 我做得太过了 I went too far. *比较常用的固定短语 You shouldnt have done that. (你不该那样做) I know, I went too far. (我知道,我做得太过分了) I overdid it. 我太紧张了 I was too nervous. *也可用来辩解 Did you ask her out? (你约她了吗?) No, I was too nervous. (没有,我太紧张了) I was too uptight. 我要是再用功点就好了 I wish I had studied harder. I regret not studying harder. (我后悔没有更努力学习) I should have studied harder. 我要是问他一下就好了 I should have asked him. I should have asked him. (我要是问他一下就好了) Why didnt you? (那你为什么不问呢?) I wish I had asked him. It would have been better to have asked him. 不留神给忘了 It slipped my mind. Did you remember to tell her? (你没忘了告诉她吧?) Sorry, it slipped my mind. (对不起,我不小心给忘了) I just got. I got all about it. (我忘得一干二净) 日常英语 英语口语重庆市星辰整形美容医院光子脱毛多少钱

重庆星宸整形去痘印多少钱口语小词:三十五种爱的英文表达方式 -01-7 :: 来源: 母爱 maternal love; mother love; a mother‘s love her children; maternal affection 父爱 paternal love 父母的爱 parental love 父母子女间的爱 love between parent and child 子女对长辈的爱 filial love 互爱 reciprocal affection 慈爱 the benevolent affections 疼爱 the tender love 夫妻之爱 conjugal love 深深[永恒,真挚,贞洁,坚定不移]的爱 ardent [everlasting, sincere, chaste, steadfast] love 狂热的爱 fanatic love; wild love 强烈的爱 a keen affection 爱如己出 cherish a child as one‘s own 爱恨交织 be overwhelmed by mixed lovehate feelings 爱憎分明 have a clearcut stand on what to love and what to hate 爱莫能助 be sympathetic but have no ability to help; be willing to, but powerless to render assistance 爱校如家 love the school as dearly as one does one‘s own home 永远相爱 love each other with an undying affection 疼爱某人 dearly love sb.; set one‘s affection on sb. 终生钟爱妻子 retain a tender affection one‘s wife to the end of one‘s life 真诚[温柔,疯狂,盲目]地爱 love sincerely [tenderly, wildly, blindly] 专一[忠诚]地爱某人 love sb. devotedly [loyally] 至死不渝地爱某人 love sb. to the day of one‘s death 炽热地爱…… have a burning love …… 爱上某人 fall in love with sb.; grow tender of sb. 爱子女 feel affection to one‘s children; have an affection one‘s children 表示对某人的爱 show love to sb. 公开表示对某人的爱 declare one‘s love to sb. 渴望得到某人的爱 desire the love of sb. 需要母爱 need a mother care 怀疑某人对……的爱 doubt sb.‘s love …… 得某人的爱 earn sb.‘s love; win sb.‘s love 保持对某人的爱 keep one‘s affection of sb.; retain one‘s love sb. 激起对……的爱 inspire a love …… 方式 表达 英文 口语重庆星辰医疗美容门诊部整形科 迎世0句英语初级口语:打招呼及介绍 -01-7 19:: 来源: 1. Hello. 你好. Hi. 你好3. Good morning. 早上好. How are you? 你好吗?5. Fine, thank you. 很好,谢谢6. I’m not felling well. 我不太舒7. This is Mr. Bob Brown. 这是鲍比?布朗先生This is Miss Jane Miller. 这是珍妮?米勒 8. How do you do Mr. Brown? 布朗先生,您好9. Nice to meet you, Miss Miller. 米勒,见到你很高兴 . May, I’d like you to meet my colleague, Peter.玛丽,我想让你认识我的同事彼得 . May I know your name, please. 请告诉我您的尊姓大名 . My name is Bill Taylor. 我叫比尔?泰勒. Good-bye. 再见. See you later. 待会儿见. Good night. 晚安. Thank you very much your help. 非常感谢你对我的帮助 . My pleasure. 别客气18. You’re welcome. 不用谢19. No problem. 别客气 [1] 0句英语初级口语迎世:打招呼及介绍[] 0句英语初级口语迎世:时间日期天气 [3] 0句英语初级口语迎世:出门问路[] 0句英语初级口语迎世:请客吃饭及祝福 [5] 0句英语初级口语迎世:外出参观吃饭[6] 0句英语初级口语迎世:其他 介绍 口语 初级 英语重庆市星宸整形美容医院整形美容

重庆做隆胸要多少钱品牌英语口语00句(18):散发着自信 --9 ::56 来源: 每天背 句,你能坚持多久?1. You’re given a raw deal.对你太不公平了#9658;raw deal 苛待;不公平的待遇gt;gt;美音流行美语第80课 真想踢自己一脚lt;lt;. I just know her by name.我知道她,但没打过交道#9658;by name 名叫...I met a man, Jack by name. 我遇到一个名叫杰克的人与know连用,know...by name 只知其名再来记个容易混淆的词 in name 名义上,徒有虚名e.g. He is a teacher in name, but he works in the office all day. 他名义上是个教师,可他整天在办公室工作3. You’re only his cat’s paw.你只是他的工具而已#9658;cat paw 傀儡;受人利用者,给人当工具的人有一个童话故事是讲,一只猴子骗猫,让猫为它取出火里的烤栗子结果猴子美餐一顿,可怜的猫爪却被烫满了水泡猫爪就成了为他人火中取栗的牺牲品. I’ve got knots in my stomach.我心里疙疙瘩瘩的5. A guy heckled me.一个家伙搅我的局6. He sent me profuse apologies.他反复道歉7. Then I had a brainstorm.突然我灵机一动8. Music can be a mood enhancer.音乐使人精神好9. She exudes confidence.她浑身散发着自信. So you get the best of both worlds.这样岂不两全其美?#9658;getmake the best of both worlds 两全其美 口语 新东方英语900句提高篇53 邮政 -01-7 ::6 来源: Lesson Fifty -three Post 邮政高速下载 邮政 post邮局 post office明信片 post card收 get get a letterreceive receive a letter寄 send send a lettermail mail a letter给某人写信 write (to) sb.收到某人来信 hear from sb.信的分类信件 letter mail航空邮件 airmail air mail平信 regular mail挂号信 registered mail快递 express delivery包裹 package parcel寄包裹 I get a parcel. I send a parcel.I sent a letter yesterday.How did you sent it?By registered mail.I sent a package (to Shanghai) this morning.I received an air mail yesterday.I got a regular mail last week.I heard from my uncle yesterday.I wrote to my Dad today.I wrote to my boss.I’d like to mail this letter to Singapore via airmail.我要把这封信以航空的方式寄到新加坡I’d like to send this letter to the ed States via registeredmail.I’d like to mail this package to Shanghai.I’d like to mail this letter to Japan by regular mail.I'd like to mail this letter to Japan via regular mail.Charles received a package from his parents yesterday.昨天查尔斯收到了他父母寄来的包裹Charles sent a package to his parents yesterday.Charles sent a parcel to his parents yesterday.I wonder if this letter is overweight.我想知道这封信是否超重overweight 超重underweight 分量不足I wonder if you speak English.I wonder if you are Mr. Zhang.I wonder if tomorrow‘s meeting has been canceled or not.I enclosed some pictures in my letter.我在信中附寄了几张照片enclose 附加,附带picture 照片take a pictureI enclose a check in this letter.I enclose a name card in this letter.name card visiting cardThis is my card.I enclose a letter in this package.How long does it take an airmail to get to Manchester?寄往曼彻斯特的航空信得多长时间才能到?Manchester ed 曼联Manchester city 曼城About a month.About half a month.About six months.About half an hour.At least one week.At least one day.At the most 8 hours.At the most days.What does it cost to rent a post office box?租用一个邮政信箱的费用是多少?post office box PO Box 邮政信箱mail box 邮筒I’m always disappointed when I don‘t get any mail.收不到任何信件的时,我总是很失望You make me disappointed. You let me down.let-down 让人失望的人或事This movie is a let-down.This book is a let-down.I’m always angry when I got lots of junk mail.rubbishgarbagee-mail electronic mailjunk mailjunk foodWhat time is the mail delivered on Saturday? The mailman always comes at o?clock.星期六信件什么时候送到?邮递员通常两点钟来what time whenmailman postman 邮差When was the last time Alex wrote you? I just can‘t recall it.上次亚历克斯写信给你是什么时候?我记不清了When was the last time you wrote him?When was the last time they wrote you?When was the last time we wrote her?I haven‘t heard from my aunt one year.我有一年没有收到姑妈的来信了I haven‘t heard from my uncle six monthsI heard from my parents yesterday.I heard from my grandma the day bee yesterday.I feel guilty because I haven‘t written him lately.我感到内疚,因为我最近一直没给他写信lately recentlyI wrote to Dad last night. I couldn‘t put it off any longer.昨晚我给爸爸写信了我不能再拖延了I wrote to my boss. I couldn‘t put it off any longer.I dropped the letter in the mailbox on the corner.我把信投到了街角的邮筒里How did you sign the letter? Did you write ?Sincerely yours你在信上怎样署名的?是写了?你诚挚的?吗?Sincerely yours 私人Very truly yours 公务The rate published materials is cheaper, but it doesn‘t go as quickly as ordinary mail.寄出版物的资费比较便宜,但走得不如普通信件快published material 印刷品How much is the rate?ordinary mail regular mailenvelop 信封red envelop 红包I give my nephew a red envelop.glue 胶水 邮政 提高 英语 新东方重庆星辰整形美容祛疤痕多少钱重庆星辰整形韩式隆鼻多少钱



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